Pudding made with Gelatin (HG lib, GF, SF, Low Carb)

pudding-with-gelatinI couldn’t decide between Jello Pudding and just the ‘Pudding made with Gelatin’ name lol! If you are following me on here, you have seen my many attempts at coming up with a Pudding recipe that I like and that works with Gelatin! THIS recipe however, will astonish you with how wonderful and creamy it turns out! LOVE LOVE LOVE this recipe!! πŸ˜€

This one isn’t Custard- there’s no eggs in there this time. I am sick with a sore throat and looking for easy jello but can’t have juice since it’s so high in sugar. Milk and cream though- that I can have! πŸ™‚ Num Num!! πŸ™‚

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Doctors and Mappers for the Guaifenesin Protocol

find the doctorThis list is for:

This is a work in progress! We have an old list of possible doctors and mappers at the bottom of this post that we are going to start calling to find out if they still support the Guaifenesin Protocol. If you know of anyone, please leave a comment and we’ll make sure to look into it and possibly add them to our list. These are listed by State/Province, Country.

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Children, loss and grief

Loss and grief

children, loss and grief

(Written Aug 24 2016) I have a dear friend who has been walking with me through this grief. I’ve never had a loss so big before and neither has she. Thankfully we are honest and open enough that she can just ask me about it and we talk. I thought it was high time people started to talk about this publicly.

*Warning- I am going to get all emotional and stuff, so if you aren’t into that kinda thing, skip this post! <3

Life is about loss. We lose a job, we lose a dream, we lose a friend, we lose a relationship, we lose people we love to death. I lost my 2 Foster boys to the system that is failing them miserably. Continue reading

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Guaifenesin Protocol support groups worldwide

Fibromyalgia support groups This list is changing often as groups start and other groups stop! So come and check from time-to-time to see if there’s one in your area <3

The Guaifenesin Protocol works to reverse your Fibromyalgia symptoms so you are well again! But there is alot to know in order for the protocol to work to get you well. So hang in there, don’t give up!

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3 year progress report on the Guaifenesin Protocol from Genesee!

Progress Report from GeneseeMy dear friend and an awesome admin on my Facebook group “Fibro Buddies on Guaifenesin Protocol” shared this fabulous update and I just had to share it with you! I hope it encourages your heart and challenges you to stay the course on the Guaifenesin Protocol to treat your Fibromyalgia! <3

“Today marks 3 years since I found the guaifenesin protocol to treat my fibromyalgia!

I’m so thankful. Was tearing up talking with my hubby last night about how much my life has returned since starting the protocol. We reminisced on some not so good memories & fondly spoke of God’s grace to me & our family.

Life really has come back & it only keeps getting better & better! It’s really hard for me to look back & think of everything I was hardly able to do & what I missed out on…”

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Guaifenesin Protocol Vocabulary

Guaifenesin Protocol vocabHere’s a list of commonly used vocab for this protocol with a short explanation and link to the posts that explain them more fully. There is alot of new stuff to learn, but keep going and don’t give up! It’s SO worth it and you will get used to all the lingo, I promise! <3

there are 2 kinds of Guaifenesin (Guai) for this protocol:

LA/ER: Long Acting (LA) and Extended/Slow Release (ER) are the same thing. This isΒ Β Β  the Guaifenesin you need to use for the protocol.

SA/FA/IR: Short Acting (SA) and Fast Acting (FA) and Immediate Release (IR) are the same thing. This is the Guaifenesin you can add too the LA guai to make you clear faster, after being on the protocol for many months.

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Magnesium Lotion (epsom salt lotion) Guai safe

Epsom Salt lotion/ Magnesium lotion DIY!

Epsom Salt lotion/ Magnesium lotion DIY!

So, of course I try Magnesium Lotion when I have so little lotion left in my container that I can’t make a whole batch! But I LOVE it! It makes the lotion go further. YAY! and gives the wonderful benefits of epsom salts without the long bath. Double YAY!!! πŸ™‚

Magnesium is SOOOO good for you! Especially if you have fibromyalgia like me.

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Detox on the Guaifenesin Protocol slowly!

toxinsIf you are as toxic as I am, detoxing has been super rough stuff! Go slow!! (click here for rest of story)

Even the lemon water before breakfast was too hard on me! Now I have my lemon water before lunch or supper, that seems to be ok and still supposed to help. It might have been the lemon water interacting with my thyroid meds, but I took them an hour apart, that’s all we’re supposed to do. Ah well, whatever it was, I learned my lesson!

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About Guaifenesin from a friend

Fibro Pharmacy GuaifenesinA friend of mine (we will call her ‘P’ ~July 20 2016) wrote about the Guaifenesin Protocol, specifically Guaifenesin and the type and what it has done for her fibromyalgia. I love it and asked her if I could share it with you! πŸ™‚ Love this lady, she has such spunk!! πŸ™‚

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Toxins and the Guaifenesin Protocol part 2

toxins 3Original title, right? lol!

So, the book that started me on this topic was by Suzanne Sommers called Tox-Sick.Β It got me thinking about all the many toxins we have in our bodies just from life. You can stop breathing lol. OR, you CAN help your body to deal with the toxic load from other sources.

You have pesticides and herbicides and GMO fruits and veggies. Then you have cows and chickens eating Genetically Modified foods, which never leaves their systems, not to mention all the antibiotics and growth hormones that most farmers give their animals to make them grow faster and produce more. This stuff stays in the meat, the milk, the eggs, the dairy products. We eat it, and our bodies have to somehow eliminate it all.

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