Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Not everything is fibromyalgia! If you are experiencing alot of symptoms related to hormone issues, please see your doctor <3

I have recently done a bunch of studying on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and have found some startling info!

There was a study done by the Women’s Health Initiative on thousands of women using HRT’s. They had to quit the study early due to the rapid increase in cancer and heart disease. But those same HRT’s are the ones the doctors still prescribe to us! What?! you say? Yep, that’s my response. Here’s a link for more info: HRT Study

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Sleep Apnea and Fibromyalgia

Do you have fibro and struggle with getting asleep or staying asleep (insomnia)?

This is definitely something to look into. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) can be very serious and cause other health concerns later in life. Not everything is fibromyalgia right?

Apparently 50% of folks with fibro also have sleep apnea! Those are really high numbers and worth looking into. My mom was just diagnosed with it and she is like a new woman! She can’t believe how much more energy she has since she got on the sleep apnea machine.

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Guaifenesin Protocol vocab: Clearing

The Guaifenesin Protocol has many new words that you will be adding to your vocabulary, I will make a few posts to help you get through this new phase in your life, hope it helps!

In short, clearing is what happens when the lumps and deposits leave your body through the Guaifenesin Protocol.

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What happened to Christine’s Homemade Creations?

Hey friends, family and customers!

It’s been so much fun serving you and making so many new friends through Christine’s Homemade Creations! Thank you for all the support, ideas and encouragement so many of you have given through this little hobby of mine :)

Unfortunately my husband made a career change that takes away the insurance I was using to make and sell these products. It’s quite ridiculous how much it costs on its own and there is no way I make enough to cover it. Because of this, I am no longer legally permitted to make and sell my products! I can still give them as gifts though! :)

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Fibromyalgia reversal update on the Guaifenesin Protocol 4 years in.

Can you believe it’s been 4 years? I can hardly wrap my mind around it! I was pretty quiet the last couple years of the Guaifenesin protocol, trying to figure out what happened that made me stop clearing. And then trying to figure out why I re-deposited. It was so discouraging I had no idea how to write anything about it. I was desperately looking for a cause.

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Baked Carrot Oatmeal (SF, GF, LC, HG lib)

Baked Carrot OatmealI now have kids in my home and need healthy snacks! Have you seen the amount of sugar in EVERYTHING?! Good heavens! My boys weep at night when they have too much sugar, which admittedly, doesn’t take much. They take after me that way! lol! 😀

This is a work in progress and I’ll probably use mashed banana next time to try to naturally sweeten it :) The carrots are my daring effort to get some veggies in them 😀

But everyone loves it as is, so YAY! 😀

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Quick Crepes (HG Strict, GF, SF, LC)

Quick Crepes (HG Strict, SF, GF, LC)These are AMAZING! And so so easy! Because of the amount of egg in there, you also don’t need more than one or two, so even though they’re thin, they’re filling :)

This picture is of one crepe, cut in half. One crepe fits in a large frying pan, a little bigger than a regular dinner plate :)

I have been having these for breakfast instead of the breakfast smoothies I usually have, they’re just so easy I didn’t even think to post the recipe, but I gotta share the fun with ya!

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Insomnia and sleep Tips when you have Fibro

*If you have serious sleep issues, please see your doctor! There are very real dangers if you have sleep apnea, please ask your doctor about this!*

I take Benadryl Night tabs and 3 Magnesium Citrate every night and sleep like a rock!

Here’s some more from some of you:
~Magnesium Malate
~Melatonin (make sure to use the pill-swallowing kind, not the one that dissolves under you tongue- that one has mint)
~Turn off all your devices an hour before bed so your eyes aren’t being hit by that bright light before bed. At the very least, turn down the back light on any device you use in the evening.
~hormone treatment for menopause
~doctor prescribed meds.

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Stew (HG strict, GF, SF, LC)

stew (HG strict, GF, SF, LC)This is an amazing new recipe that came to me in desperation to thicken sauces and gravy’s without giving in to flour. 😀

And yes! I’ve totally tried every thickener out there and I gotta say BLEH! Some of them are just so so gross, I tossed alot of gravy and sauces before I gave up. They kinda just make it slimy hey?! EWWWW!

If you’ve tried them all and just not happy with the results, you are gonna LOVE this post! HG strict, Sugar free, Gluten free, Low Carb yumminess! :)

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Cooked Kale (Hg strict, GF, SF, LC)

KaleI LOVE finding new recipes! Especially side dishes that are so darn easy! 😀 I have another post about steaming vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and carrots too, so check that out for more options :)

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