Tomorrow is Fibromyalgia Awareness day!

fibromanicDid you know that tomorrow is Fibromyalgia Awareness Day? Well, it’s so important because WAY more people have fibro than you know. And the saddest part is all those who are just told that the pain and fatigue, etc are all in their heads.

We need more awareness so people can be more supportive and kind with the people they know who have it.

I have fibromyalgia and I’m not ashamed to say so. It is a really difficult disease to have. And I want to share why in the hopes that you can share this with someone you know, or everyone you know!

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Mourning on Mothers Day!

This is definitely the most difficult day of the year for me. Something about just knowing that everyone is celebrating something I will never have. It IS a mourning time. Like losing someone you love. It’s not a constant thing, but it does hit sometimes with overwhelming force. Mothers Day is definitely that day!

And yep, I can suck it up, tough it out, put my big girl panties on. But seriously? Why can’t I just ignore it all?! LOL! 😀Mothers Day 2014

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Spanish Frittata (HG strict, SF, GF, LC)

Spanish Frittata (HG Strict, SF, GF, LC)This is SO easy AND yummy, you’re just gonna love it! :)

We always have tons of eggs from family and they are so good and healthy and cheaper than meat. So, it’s always fun when I can find some new use for eggs that we like! This tastes like nachos or pizza or something. :) Try it! You’ll love it!

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Hot and Sour stoup (HG lib, SF, GF, LC)

Hot and Sour Stoup

Like sweet and sour, but can’t figure out how to thicken it Low carb without flour or slimy thickeners? This is something I finally figured out that you’re gonna LOVE! Hint- thickened with a pureed vegetable! 😀

And instead of putting it ON my steamed veggies, I decided to try putting it right in there and making a stoup out of it! So, it’s like stew, but also soup… you decide what to call it! :)

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Hearty Tomato Soup (HG lib, SF, GF, LC)

Hearty Tomato Soup (HG, SF, GF, LC)This was one of those fabulous accidents again! haha! Don’t you just love it when that happens? I was trying to do a broth-y soup using diced tomatoes for a little flavor and didn’t look close enough at the can of “diced” tomatoes and out poured crushed tomatoes! So I quickly changed my idea for supper and YUMO! We both loved it! :)

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Homemade Whipped Cream the easy way! (HG Strict, SF, GF, LC)

whip cream makerI have shared about a few products that I LOVE and this whip cream maker is definitely one of them! My iRobot Roomba Vacuum is another one! :)

THIS is the best thing since sliced bread!! 😀

ok, so you are going to be shocked to learn how easy this is!

My hubby’s Christmas gift to me this year has been my favorite toy so far! Check it out:


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Crispy Baked Ranch Chicken Thighs (SF, GF, LC, HG Strict)

Chicken ThighsThis has been an AMAZING new dish that I’ve added to my recipe book! Crispy, baked not fried, sugar free, and fabulous tasting! YUM! oh- and best of all? EASY PEASY!! 😀

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Faux Potato Soup/ Cream of Cauliflower (HG lib, GF, SF, LC)

Cream of Cauliflower/ Faux potato soupYou are gonna LOVE this soup! It really does taste just like potato soup, only without all those carbs! YUM! 😀 And btw, that’s bacon on top… DOUBLE YUM! 😀

Using a blender to make it thick without the flour too! See? I told ya you were gonna LOVE it! 😀 Easy recipe!

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Easiest way to check for Salicylates in topical products!

Salicylate 4In an effort to make finding your salicylate-free products as easy as possible for you, I have share tons of posts on how to find your own sal-free products. THIS is the best thing since sliced bread! You’ve got to check it out! :)

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Wholesome Hand Soap (Salicylate and paraben free)

wholesome hand soap Salicylate free and paraben free, Check it out!! Awesome hand soap that I am finally sharing with you! I’ve been using this all year and just never got around to packaging it for sale lol 😀 It’s similar to my Beautiful Body Wash that I also make :)

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