Faux Potato Soup/ Cream of Cauliflower (HG lib, GF, SF, LC)

Faux Potato Soup/ Cream of Cauliflower (HG, SF, LC, GF)You are gonna LOVE this soup! It really does taste just like potato soup, only without all those carbs! YUM! :D And btw, that’s bacon on top… DOUBLE YUM! :D

Using a blender to make it thick without the flour too! See? I told ya you were gonna LOVE it! :D Easy recipe!

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Easiest way to check for Salicylates in topical products!

Salicylate 4In an effort to make finding your salicylate-free products as easy as possible for you, I have share tons of posts on how to find your own sal-free products. THIS is the best thing since sliced bread! You’ve got to check it out! :)

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Wholesome Hand Soap (Salicylate and paraben free)

wholesome hand soap Salicylate free and paraben free, Check it out!! Awesome hand soap that I am finally sharing with you! I’ve been using this all year and just never got around to packaging it for sale lol :D It’s similar to my Beautiful Body Wash that I also make :)

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Sugar Free Beef Jerky and Worcestershire Sauce (both HG strict, GF, SF, LC)

Sugar Free Beef JerkySugar Free Beef Jerky is one of the BEST snacks for someone on a low carb diet!! and it is SOOO yummy! :) And it’s why I am sharing my recipe with you!

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Cabbage Roll Casserole (HG lib, GF, SF, LC)


As usual, we scarffed this down before I realized I should be taking a picture of it to show you how pretty it is haha! :) Oh my is it ever YUMMY!

My hubby even loved it YAY! :) and he’s not usually a fan of cabbage type meals! This is easy , but takes a while in the oven , so plan ahead.

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Fibro Buddies Hobby Therapy!

hobby therapyNow we have a NEW group for the groupies who want to have a place that is about more than just fibro and the protocol, salicylates and guaifenesin, etc. This is where we can share what helps to release stress and gives us joy as we go along in our clearing with fibromyalgia.

If you have fibromyalgia and haven’t checked out our Facebook group called Fibro Buddies on Guaifenesin Protocol’ you totally need to! We love to chat and support and encourage each other along the way, along with offering some helpful tips on the protocol :)

We ALL need that little something to take our minds off of being sick and tired. To do something that brings you joy! Come share what does that for you! Called Fibro Buddies Hobby Therapy! We’d love to have you! :)


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Pediatric Fibromyalgia

Pediatric fibromyalgiaHere’s some info to get you started in understanding what your kids are going through. I am not a mother so haven’t gone through this experience myself, but I have several friends who are and have shared info with us to help out!

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MY Chile Rellano Casserole and Sauce (HG lib, SF, LC, GF)

Chile Rellano (HG lib, GF, SF, LC)My mom has always made these chile rellanos dipped in flour and then egg whites and deep fried in the Tenderflake lard. YUMO! But oh my goodness, SO MUCH WORK!!!! I found a recipe that a friend shared and it was the egg mixture that I needed to complete my recipe that I had been laying awake at night trying to figure out! This is greatly changed from the original, to suite what I grew up with and LOVE! Enjoy :)

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Guest Post by Dr Melissa Congdon on getting exercise with fatigue

Many new fibromyalgia patients tell me; “My doctor told me to exercise, but every time I go to the gym or work out at home I either wind up so exhausted I can’t move for days, or in so much pain I NEVER want to think about exercise again!”

It’s true that consistent aerobic exercise is a critically necessary part of your recovery from fibromyalgia. Consistent aerobic exercise increases energy, decreases pain (often as well or better than pain medications), improves sleep and mood, and can even improve cognitive function. In fact, most of us fibromyalgia specialists know that if our patients do not exercise they will not feel better, no matter what other therapies they are on.

Many doctors recommend fibromyalgia patients follow a “graduated exercise program” where they follow a prescribed exercise regimen and increase the amount they exercise every week even if they are exhausted and sore. Instead I have found  by adapting the concept of the “energy envelope” coined by Leonard Jason PhD et al (see link below) to my fibromyalgia patients I can often get them exercising and feeling better. Dr. Peter Rowe recommends this approach for pediatric chronic fatigue patients, but I have found it works well for kids and adults with fibromyalgia.

Here’s how to do it:

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FAQ: Constipation: Can I take Magnesium and/ or fiber at the same time I take my Guaifenesin?

Magnesium will help with constipation and will not block your guaifenesin, it’s not a plant and has no salicylates to worry about :)

BUT! If you take a ton of it to help with constipation and end up with the runs, there is no guarantee that the guaifenesin dissolved properly to do its job.

Our advice is to take it an hour or 2 before or after you take your guai.

This is the same rule for any fiber type supplements you take like psyllium husk or flax. (flax should only be taken in small amounts as it’s a plant and can block, psyllium husk is just the husk from the plant, so it won’t block) These fibrous types expand in your stomach, in an effort to pull along other stuff in there that isn’t moving along as it should. (to put it nicely LOL :D)

This expanding can surround your pill and keep it from digesting. SO, the same rule applies with these fibers- take an hour or 2 before or after your guaifenesin to be sure that the guai has a chance to dissolve properly

Click here to see the rest of my Frequently Asked Questions: http://christinescozycorner.ca/the-nitty-gritty-of-the-guaifenesin-protocol-and-salicylates/

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