Toxins and the Guaifenesin Protocol part 2

Original title, right? lol!

So, the book that started me on this topic was by Suzanne Sommers called Tox-Sick. It got me thinking about all the many toxins we have in our bodies just from life. You can stop breathing lol. OR, you CAN help your body to deal with the toxic load from other sources.

You have pesticides and herbicides and GMO fruits and veggies. Then you have cows and chickens eating Genetically Modified foods, which never leaves their systems, not to mention all the antibiotics and growth hormones that most farmers give their animals to make them grow faster and produce more. This stuff stays in the meat, the milk, the eggs, the dairy products. We eat it, and our bodies have to somehow eliminate it all.

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Progress report from Roberta July 2016

I have a friend post in my Fibro Buddies on Guaifenesin Protocol Facebook group and I asked her if I could share. It’s always so encouraging to see others progress, not just mine!! 🙂

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Toxins and the Guaifenesin Protocol

I started asking myself what has changed in the last few years on the protocol:

  • I found this super yummy sugar free ice cream that I have often (with all the nasty sugar alternatives.
  • Using Splenda without any concern for the health risks.
  • Prior to the protocol I was on so many pain meds.
  • I took different HRT’s because of my hysterectomy, which have been proven to cause cancer.
  • My body started to scream at me when I started on some Bio-identical Hormones, which are not a cancer risk and really do help everyone else.
  • We are eating way more veggies (and not washing them.)
  • We had mold in our house this winter.
  • I went on antibiotics 3 times for my bronchitis and sinusitis (which hasn’t gone away after 8 months.) Turns out my doc prescribed them for me when he ‘knew’ it was just viral infection, not bacterial, so he apparently ‘knew’ it wouldn’t work. Thanks for that.

Prior to the Guaifenesin Protocol to treat my fibromyalgia, I began to make my own beauty products, and still do! (Christine’s Homemade Creations) I was so concerned about the toxins in everything and what the industry uses to make products feel and look better. I used alot of natural stuff, full of healthy salicylates. 

For those of you on the Guaifenesin Protocol, you know we can not have salicylates in our products if we want the Guaifenesin to work to reverse our Fibromyalgia symptoms. For this reason, I really stopped worrying so much about it, because I believed that all my symptoms were from fibromyalgia.

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Being a Foster mom and saying goodbye

God brought along 2 little boys for our little family. They are so dear to my heart, but I seriously had NO idea what I was getting into!

There’s a ridiculous amount of politics involved. It’s not just taking care of kids when you Foster. The biggest amount of energy used up for me, is from dealing with the Ministry of Children and Family, the paperwork, policies and politics behind it all. And just when you think you might have a bit of a handle on things, they change them on you. And just when you feel like you are settling into the new routine, the routine gets changed. And just when you feel like you could adopt the precious children in your home, the option is taken away from you.

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God made that happen, didn’t He, mom?

so it rained… and rained. And rained some more. We got approx 105mm of rain in 24hours. We were blessed, we only got a few feet of water in our crawl space, might have ruined the hot water heater and furnace, but we are drying them out and will try to get them working again. park at Dawson flood

That river there is what I endearingly call the Dawson Ditch, because 99% of the time, that is what it looks like. Certainly not a creek, forget the raging river you see here. Gotta love kids thoughts on life. There’s this car teetering on the edge of a road that got washed out.

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Mothers Day comes and goes again!

This is a very bittersweet Mothers Day for me. If you have followed my writings, you know Mothers Day has been a difficult time every year.

Well, this year was sure different! We are Fostering 2 little twin boys, so I had kids for Mothers Day this year! These boys are such a joy and blessing to our family, we are so thankful to God for bringing them into our lives. They are too young to really get the idea of Mothers Day, so Tim let them pick out a card they thought was pretty lol. How SWEET to just have kids on that special day.

Here’s where it becomes the BITTERsweet…

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Update on my Fibromyalgia journey on the Guaifenesin Protocol

So, I have learned something new about the Guaifenesin Protocol and being a low doser!

Do you remember in school, learning Grammar, and there’s all these rules. THEN there’s the millions of exceptions to the rules to make you wonder why you learned them in the first place? Well, this is NOT what I’m talking about! LOL! 😀

For such a large percentage of people with fibro, the Guaifenesin Protocol is so simple: get sal-free, dosing: take 300mg twice a day for a week, no change so increase to 600mg twice a day for the rest of your awesome life as you get better and better. Yep, it really is that simple!

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Not everything is Fibromyalgia!!

WEEEEEEELL, I feel rather ridiculous that I didn’t catch this before now. I have black mold ALL OVER my house. No wonder I can’t seem to get better from every cold, flu and bug that goes around!
This morning I couldn’t get out of bed before I was crying, so exhausted I couldn’t move so I called my mom. LOVE moms <3 She talked me through it and decided it was probably mold. I got off the phone and walked all over the house looking at it everywhere, it made me feel sick just SEEING it.

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Perrigo Guaifenesin

Guaifenesin Perrigo2Perrigo Guaifenesin has been turbulent at best, as far as providing a reliable product goes. Figured it was worth a post!

Perrigo released this statement on their website:

“…an article dated January 4, 2016: “Perrigo announced the temporary suspension of sales of its Guaifenesin 600mg extended-release product pending the resolution of challenges related to an excipient used in the production of the product”. Excipient is some kind of long term stabilizer.”

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Coffee Kombucha! low-sal, big health benefits!

Coffee Kombucha- low in sals, same health benefits!

Coffee Kombucha- low in sals, same health benefits!

If you like coffee, and are into the health benefits of Kombucha, then totally give Coffee Kombucha a try! With an open mind please! It’s not just sweet coffee flavor by the time it’s done fermenting, it has some tang. So try a small bottle like I did to start.

Pronounced come-boosh-ah 🙂

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