Salicylate Free Razors and Shaving Cream

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Please note that alot of razors use an aloe strip and THIS WILL BLOCK YOU! Now, personally, I love my men’s razors with the 4 blades, but they all have an aloe strip. I couldn’t bring myself to buy women’s razors with only 1 or 2 blades with no aloe strip, so I spent the money on this thingy that painfully pulls your hair out- OUCH! well, obviously that didn’t last long! haha! Anyways, long story short- I use my tweezers and pull off the aloe strip and wash it off well before using. 🙂 

Shaving Cream
Personally, I use my hair conditioner and it works fine. 🙂 And I haven’t heard back from anybody else on Salicylate free shaving cream other than conditioner! let me know what you use!! 🙂 

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