HOW TO find Salicylate free and blue dye free Products

Salicylate 4Needing some help finding Salicylate free and dye free products? You can always find Salicylate safe products from Andrea Rose, and salicylate safe dental products from Cleure. Then just skip to the next document: how to find the correct Guaifenesin Dosage. Please note that you will need to get your dental products online, so check my post for the sal-safe options: 

Or want to make your own? Check out my new series on: making your own Salicylate Free products!

I wanted to get started ASAP and get all my products at once, so this is what I did: Pull out and put in a pile ALL your skin products! These are the things to check: inactive and active ingredients in all meds, protein powders, eye drops, pain creams, flavors, Toothpaste, dental floss(mint), mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, perfume,  any sprays that touch your skin, hair gels, mousse, etc, body wash, hand soap, bubble bath, dish soap for washing by hands (unless you use gloves), DO, antiperspirant, lotion, sunscreen, face wash, face creams, makeup, makeup remover, Razors (aloe strip), shaving cream, nail polish remover, aloe in toilet paper and tissue and anything else you can think of that goes on your skin! You need all these products without Salicylates in them. They WILL block your Guaifenesin from working.

NOW, you can either go through each ingredient list on each product, or give the whole lot away to a family member and start from scratch.  If you want to look through your own products and makeup to see if they are sal free, skip to #6 and then come back to #1. This will look overwhelming, but you can do it!!

(I know some people who replaced everything one at a time. ie: as you use up the shampoo, you check it and get a new sal-free one, etc. I was in a hurry, so I did all mine at once, it was exhausting! )

1. Look through this list to find a few of each category of possible sal-free items (half the time they won’t carry the ONE you want, so make sure to have a few options)

and Kimberly has tons of sal-free options for each category on Pinterest:

2. Bring a tablet/ iphone with you so you can look ingredients up while you’re shopping.

Or Copy and paste onto a Word doc the name and ingredients for each item you want and print it to take with you (this is what I did, before iPhones :)), you can also take a pic of the list with your phone and bring the phone to the store 🙂 You can get ingredient lists from and There is also Ulta and Sophora for searching for ingredients.

4. Bring a cart, fill it with the sal-safe options you found in the lists and kindly ask the clerk if there is a chair where you can read through the ingredients of your products. If you explain to them that you have Fibromyalgia, they are usually very kind and even try to help with reading through the ingredients :)

5. Read through each ingredient of each product with your lists. Here’s a few options:

Use your Quick Check: Look through the list first for the syllables sal, camph, menth. Then look for anything that looks like it might be a plant ingredient, etc.

Or use this sal-free database if you have your phone with you, type in all the ingredients and it will tell you if there’s a salicylate in there:

Or, use the Salicylate Free Ingredient List and check ingredients on there.

Or compare what is in your hand with the ingredient list you brought.

Or, if they have a good return policy, just buy a bunch that look like they could be sal free and go through the above steps at home, and then return the ones you can’t have! 😀

This will all start to be very natural for you too, I promise! It just takes some time. It really helped me understand what the ingredients were when I went through them that way, now I recognize most ingredient names and what they are without even needing my quick check. 🙂

Click this link to see complete list of: FAQ about the Guaifenesin Protocol and Salicylates





35 Responses to HOW TO find Salicylate free and blue dye free Products

  1. Oh my gosh, I didn’t go to the read more. I am shocked at at that stuff in there. Thank you so much. This afternoon I found the store Sephora in the city we are in. I called them and they carry the lines of Dior and Lancome that have been recommended. I have also ordered some products from Cleure that is all for fibromialga.
    I thank all you people that have put so much time into researching everything.we will be returning to Canada in a couple of weeks.
    Thanks again,

    • Christine says:

      I know hey! crazy how they try to hide ingredients, you really have to look hard! Glad to hear you are working hard to be sal safe way to go!! 🙂

      As a word of caution, I have seen people block on butters (I am one of them) so be sure to read the ingredients on all your Cleure products even! Esp during the first few months of finding your dose!

      Are you being mapped? Because that will be a huge factor in that! If you aren’t being mapped, then you will have no way to know if something is blocking you! I just want you to succeed, you’re doing so great!! 🙂

      And it’s my pleasure, if I can help someone to succeed on the protocol and get their lives back then I have fulfilled my purpose <3

  2. Thanks so much. Did find the Lancome lipstick today.

  3. The lipstick I bought is Lancome Color Design.The foundation I bought is from Mary Kay, as well as their lip liner and cheek color. They were on the Mary Kay salicylate free list.
    I had bought Banana Boat Sport performance , Broad spectrum SPF 15 lip balm. The acative ingredients are avobenzone 2.0%, octocrylene 10.0%, oxybenzone 6%. I called them today to ask what other ingredients there might be in it as well, and they said they weren’t allowed to tell. I insisted that I needed to know so she said she would get someone to check if there were any salicylates or derivative of it in the product. I haven’t heard anything. .
    Yesterday my girlfriend and I (We are both trying to do this) Went to Sephora to buy the lipstick suggested and she didn’t find a color she like, so the girl in the store went on their website and typed in salicylate free products they have and Yves St, Laurent came up, so she found one she liked on their list. When she got home and checked the ingredients they weren’t the list of accepted. She returned it today with no problem.
    Sorry for the lengthy email.

    • Christine says:

      I encourage you to go without a product that won’t give you the complete ingredient list! they throw words around like proprietary and stuff so they dont have to disclose the ingredients. It’s not worth the risk, trust me! I have had some products I wasn’t SURE about and all i did was stress about it everytime I even THOUGHT about using it! LOL! I just ended up throwing it away 😀

      Good job being so careful and thorough, that is going to be a HUGE help! SO many people start guaifenesin without getting their products in order and end up partially blocking, and having to stop and re-start after a week off. This is actually the FASTER way to do it! Get it right to start with and the whole process goes much more smoothly 🙂

  4. Chestine Waltz says:

    Thanks for the info! I will buy the Mary Kay and Lancome. I need a night cream for mature skin do you know of a good product? I am using Vaseline at this time. I have very little time for label reading. I am having blurred vision and the labels are hard to see. I found Colgate cinnamon toothpaste it looked like it was OK. Thanks for the help! Chestine

    • Christine says:

      A night cream? Have you tried Andrea Rose products? and I sell a anti-wrinkle cream that my mom loves, you could buy from me too if you like 🙂 Both Andrea Rose and I are guaranteed sal-safe 🙂 no reading of labels needed 🙂 My products are under the tab Homemade Creations. Just let me know if you want to buy and I will send an invoice/

      oh- and don’t chance the toothpaste! Colgate OFTEN has mint flavor hidden and not labeled! That is why we suggest to buy from Cleure or Andrea Rose. I have some extra of their toothpaste too that I can sell you if you didn’t want to bother with ordering from 2 separate places.

      • Chestine Waltz says:

        Are you in the U.S? Thinking about shipping cost.

        • Christine says:

          nope I am in Canada, and you are right, shipping cost is horrible! I might be cheaper for shipping for you to buy from Andrea! the cost of her products is more but shipping is less. So it’s totally up to you!

  5. I purchase Revlon ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze. I am sure I had found that it was safe on one of the lists of safe to use. But for some reason now I can’t find it any where. Do you know if it is safe. I can’t fine the ingredient list for it.

    • Christine says:

      OOOH, lipstick is the WORST thing to have to find!!! But Char’s motto is totally applicable here: When in doubt, do without!! It’s sure not worth blocking on!

      When there is a product in a sal-safe list, that list is meant as a guide, you HAVE been reading through all the ingredients on each product before you buy from those lists haven’t you? Ingredients change on products a couple times a year, so always check to be sure you aren’t blocking on some new ingredient that could have been added or changed recently!

      You can always call the drugstore and have someone read the ingredient list to you?

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