Tips for the Hypoglycemic/ Carb Intolerant Diet

About the Hypoglycemia/ carb intolerant diet. Low carb (no rice, potatoes, pasta and little bread), sugar free (no honey, sugar, concentrated fruits like agave)

So, I have been doing some more reading on this diet, looking for new recipes and meal plans and one thing is GLARINGLY clear to me: these were made for women! My husband would literally STARVE to death, or do some actual binging for the huge lack in his diet.

The usual idea is to just cut OUT the sugar and carbohydrates- potatoes, rice, pasta, bread, without substituting anything back in! SO, you would look at your plate, and instead of 3 items, there would be 2- protein and 1 vegetable. Well, I tossed that idea out the window when my husband started to say things like, “what’s the point of living if you can’t eat anything that you like?” or another favorite, “If it tastes good, I can’t have it.” THANKS ALOT buddy! LOL 😀 I tease him about these comments, knowing full well it’s not my cooking he’s frustrated with!

So, I started to look at substituting instead of just cutting out stuff. SO, on a day where we would nornally have steak and potatoes, we have Steak, fried mushroom and onions, and steamed broccoli or cauliflower. Basically I substitute a steamed vegetable for the usual carbs, but then I add in another fried, sauteed, baked or BBQ’d vegetable. This way, there are always THREE things at least. Put on a bowl of salad and you have FOUR items! The frustration really stopped for my husband when I really started to make the effort and plan ahead a little more. It gets easier, I promise! Sometimes I think part of his frustration was an actual withdrawal of sorts from the huge amount of sugar and carbs he was so used to eating all day long. We both lost 25-30 lbs within a few months, and felt so much better! For me, my mood swings stopped, I could sleep through the night, my cravings went away, hot flashes and night sweats were GONE and stopped having the afternoon crash time where soon after lunch I would need a nap I was so tired, I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open! NOW, there are no highs and huge lows, it’s pretty steady all day, and what a difference THAT makes!! 🙂

I am showing 2 ways of having an Hypoglycemic meal that dosn’t make you feel like you are missing out! Another trick I found, was to use BUTTER! That stuff is SOOOOOO YUMMY! 😀 you can basically make your cauliflower taste like popcorn if you put enough butter and salt on there! ha! It’s one of our favorite side dishes. Another great one is with cheese sauce on your steamed veggies, we LOVE that too! Stay tuned, I will be posting recipes for all these things pictured meals soon!

When checking your store bought items for sugar: there are 2 ways to find out if there’s sugar in your store-bought foods, and one way is very deceiving! You can look at the Nutritional box where it says Per Gram, and then tells you there is 0 sugar in the bacon. Or you can read the ingredients, where sugar is listed second and you KNOW there is sugar in it, just not enough to be more than .99 grams to make a full 1. Always read the INGREDIENTS label on your products for sugar.

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Buttery Mushrooms

Buttery Mushrooms



Grilled Veggies

Grilled Veggies


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