AHA and BHA and Salicylates

We want to stay AWAY from Salicylates on the protocol.

Wiki says this:

In cosmetics, the term beta hydroxy acid refers specifically to salicylic acid, which is used in some “anti-aging” creams and acne treatments.

So BHA is for Beta Hydroxy Acid and is a salicylate and WILL block you.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid is not a salicylate and is fine.

Easy way to remember: You want to get an A in class right? A is good, B is not as good or in this case, bad. 😀

In SOME cases, BHA stands for (Butylated Hydroxyanisole). This is a chemical and will not block your Guaifenesin. This is NOT Beta Hydroxy Acid which will block you. The trouble is that they are both BHA. So, you can either call the company to check or just avoid products with that ingredient <3

And check out some info from Char, here’s the link: her complete article

So, there you have it! Clear as mud? lol, no worries, you’ll get there, we all had to start at the confusion stage 🙂 Just keep reading and asking questions and join in on our Facebook Support Group for the Guaifenesin Protocol!

Click for complete list of: Frequently Asked Questions about the Guaifenesin protocol!

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4 Responses to AHA and BHA and Salicylates

  1. Angie Fleet says:

    Why isn’t BHA ok? I can’t read your link from Char without setting up an account! i have only just bought palmers smoothing lotion and it has alpha/beta hydroxy in it and has very good reviews. Thank you

  2. Christine says:

    BHA and beta hydroxy acid are 2 different ingredients!
    BHA stands for butylated hydroxyl anisole, this one is sal- safe.
    Beta hydroxy acid has salicylic acid in it and will block your guaifenesin and is apparently written out in full when used, not an abbreviation. Does that clear it up?

    • Angie Fleet says:

      Yes thanks, I found your site surfing for bha possible health risks, and didnt realise your blog was about fibromyalgia, which fortunately I do not have so this is irrelevant to me, thanks

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