BBQ’d Salmon (HG, SF, GF, Low Carb)

BBQ Salmon, HG, GF, SF, LC

BBQ Salmon! Easy and delicious!

ok, so this is one of those recipes that you throw together when you’re too tired to do anything else lol : )

Awesome thing about it? Turned out SO YUMMY!! YEAH for easy and yummy recipes!! 😀

I love this one so much I even took a bunch of pics as I prepared it! Don’t get used to it though! LOL! 😀

Smear butter on tinfoil-lined pan

Smear butter on tinfoil-lined pan

Sprinkle generously with Spices

Sprinkle generously with Spices

slice and place onions and peppers on top. Curl tin foil around fish. leave top open.

slice and place onions and peppers on top. Curl tin foil around fish. leave top open. BBQ on high on top back shelf 30-35 mins.


Put a large piece of tin foil in a metal camping/ bbq’ing 9×13 pan, don’t curl it around the edges of the pan, you want to curl it around the fish later.

Smear couple Tbsp butter on the tin foil.

Place in pan the salmon and approx spices, sprinkled on the fish:

Sprinkle salt- about 2 tsp

1 Tbsp basil

1 Tbsp dill

1 Tbsp onion powder

1 Tbsp garlic powder

Place sliced onions and peppers on top (we have these packages of pre-sliced, raw fajita peppers and onions in a package in our local grocery store. Worked perfect.:))

Gently fold the tinfoil around the fish so the whole top is open to the bbq smoke and yumminess, but the sides are well protected. It will get a little black around the edges, but that stuff is super yummy, don’t toss it!! 🙂

BBQ on high, for 30-35 mins on the top, back shelf.

Serve with some homemade tartar sauce and steamed broccoli served with melted butter and salt. YUM! 😀

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