Berry Omelet Recipe (GF,SF, HG,LowCarb)

Berry Omelet Sugar free

This is MY favorite breakfast! During the winter I have this 5 out of 7 days a week! SO healthy and delicious! YUMMMMM! The egg omelet is HG Strict or lib, check TIPS below for variations 🙂

Prep Time: 1 minute
Cook Time: 3 minutes

1 fresh farm egg from my sister in law =)
1/4 cup frozen or fresh berries, or favorite fruit (use strawberries for Hypoglycemia Diet/Carb Intolerance Strict)
Xylitol or sweetener of choice (optional)

Directions: I always use frozen berries that I picked the summer before, frozen berries release more juices than fresh ones.  And I use my smallest frying pan with a lid.

Whisk eggs till there is a little froth on top (about 1 minute) and put them in the little pan with a little butter, on medium. Put the lid on with a couple drops water.

Once your egg puffs up a bit, fold, slide out onto plate.(takes about 1-2 minutes- just about all the time I need to get my berries and plate and spoon out 🙂 )

Turn pan to high and add 1 tsp butter with 1 tsp vanilla, 1 tsp of Xylitol and 1/4 cup berries, swirl for about 1 minute till all is hot and scrape with spatula all your yummies over your egg.

Done! I find this way keeps the berries a little more fresh and yummy- it almost give them a flambeed taste (which can happen if you have a gas stove like mine and have some alcohol in the ingredients of your vanilla)

Breakfast is served! 🙂 YUMMMM… going to make one now….

Tip: make this Hypoglycemia/Carb Intolerance Diet Strict by using Strawberries! I have been using 4 strawberries and one or 2 raspberries, just to tart it up a bit 🙂

Tip: if you are using a mild fruit like mangoes, peaches or pears, skip the sweetener and put a couple drops of lemon with the fruit, tastes great like that!

Tip: you can go without the sweetener, but add another 1/4 cup berries (not for HG diet). Berries are pretty pricey in my neck of the woods, so I try to go as cheap as possible 🙂

Tip: you can make this a desert too, just scoop some homemade whipping cream on top! or I have it for a healthy snack: protein and fruit is a filling and healthy alternative to chips and chocolate!

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Have more time and looking for a change? Check out my Baked Crepe with Berries. Prefer the savory flavors with your egg? Check out my Pizza Omelet or Cheesy Souffle! These recipes Sugar free, Gluten free, Low Carb and HG 🙂

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6 Responses to Berry Omelet Recipe (GF,SF, HG,LowCarb)

  1. I would never have thought of putting berries with an egg! I have some homemade lacto fermented berries from last summer that I may try with my own free range egg from my pretty hens!

  2. cynthial1956 says:

    I am not a big egg eater, but I think I could love them with the berries on top! What a great idea!

    Thank you for linking this recipe to my In and Out of the Kitchen party! I look forward to seeing what you bring next week. You have such interesting recipes.

  3. cynthial1956 says:

    By the way, I meant to tell you I shared this on my facebook and just joined your facebook! Also pinned it!

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