FAQ: What are Blocking Parties and Cheat Day from the Guaifenesin Protocol

FAQBlocking is what happens when you are on the Guaifenesin protocol to reverse your symptoms, but it dosn’t work because you are using some salicylates in your products. Salicylates block the Guaifenesin from doing it’s job.

I used to get so excited about having blocking parties and doing all the things I used to miss so much. I don’t miss them anymore 🙂 here’s the thought on blocking parties: when you get your hair done, get your nails and and get a massage and drink tea all day. Just makes sure you do all these blocking things in ONE DAY! And only every 6 weeks! Don’t drag it out or you will regret that you have reversed so much.

It’s good in theory, but some people can do some or all of those things and NOT block, or only partially block! So, instead of ADDING more blockers, just keep taking your guai and being as sal safe as possible, so that you can continue with your clearing and getting well again!! Besides, the likelihood of ACCIDENTALLY blocking is high enough, that why would you stall your progress by purposely blocking?!

Please also note that you will block for 24 hours after your LAST salicylate. SO, if you are doing a whole day of cheating, you will continue to block for another 24 hours after that day is over. So you are basically blocking for 2 days, not just one <3

If you are determined to do this, PLEASE PLEASE don’t have a cheat day in your first month, or until you know what your clearing dose is on the Guaifenesin Protocol, a cheat day will greatly confuse things! And you will seriously regret it!

I find I actually want tea less and less as it stresses me out so much now when I have it! haha! The WHOLE time, I am thinking to myself… “self, put more milk in there, maybe it will water it down enough to not block. no no, use more water. no no, eat lots of food with it. no no, just drink tons of water during and after…” lol and the stressing goes on and on. I seriously have to catch myself SO many times!! LOL :D

Besides, there ARE ways to go sal-safe when you get your hair done and your nails done, etc. Let’s get you WELL as soon as possible!!! 🙂 Come on over to my support group on Facebook and get some friendly help and support along the way 🙂 Link: Fibro Buddies on Guaifenesin Protocol

See this link: FAQ about Salicylates



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