Dishwasher Detergent Tabs Recipe

Dishwasher Soap Tabs Recipe

Dishwasher Soap Tabs Recipe

If you have bought the ingredients for this, you have all the ingredients for my other Cleaning Recipes!!Ā  Check out my other Cleaning

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Recipes for saving some money AND working fabulously! šŸ™‚

SO, I only made a very small batch this time to try them out before wasting a bunch more of my ingredients on a recipe that dosn’t work! šŸ˜›

Everyone’s dishwasher is different, and your hard water will also make a difference. In my opinion, our dishwasher stinks, and our water is so hard you can practically jump on it! ha! I use the sink ONCE, and it has hard water stains.

I will give you my BEST bit of advice that I have Ever been given- check out LemiShine. That stuff is the BOMB! (Is that word totally out of style now? LOL, just trying it out to see how I like it, so far the thoughts going through my head are worries over some internet thing tagging my site as being a threat because I use that word!! hehe :D)

Lemi Shine totally takes care of your hard water issues. I’ve tried EVERY single recipe I have seen online for a good dishwasher detergent, for YEARS I have been trying different ones. THIS is the best thing I have found! and totally weird, because I have tried a similar recipe, without making it into tabs and it totally didn’t work for me!

It’s easier than it looks:

2 cups Washing Soda (can find at a Health Food Store or Walmart)

2 Cups Borax (Find in Laundry Isle at grocery store)

1/2 cup Sea Salt (I got mine from the Dollar Store)

1/2 cup vinegar

2 tsp Liquid Lemi Shine (found at Canadian Tire- SO worth the extra trip for just this item!!) Click here for more info on LemiShine.

stir together, press into 2 Ice cube trays. Let sit for 24 hours or so. Mine sat for 2 days, we went on a little road trip šŸ™‚

Lemi Shine for dishwasher soap recipe

Lemi Shine for dishwasher soap recipe

They pop out really easily, and store in air-tight ish container

Use with 3 drops liquid Blue Dawn Dishsoap, Next time I am going to stir in the Dawn too šŸ™‚ My guess is you would use about 2 tsp Dawn stirred in as well.

And I am still gun shy about not having enough LemiShine in the dishwasher, so I squirt about 1 tsp in with it too. It WORKS I tell ya!!

FYI, they don’t fit in most dishwasher sized soap dispensers, I just pop it into bottom of dishwasher šŸ™‚

For step by step instructions with pictures, and a little different recipe, check out my inspiration for this recipe: One Good Thing by Jillee šŸ™‚

OK, here is a free tip about Dishwashers, got from my local dishwasher fixer guy:

Dishwasher companies and dishwasher soap companies are in cahoots. Dishwasher soap has only about 1/3 actual soap, 1/3 paper to make it look bigger, 1/3 sand to make it heavier. The paper in there is gumming up your machine, so that you have to call the repair guy or get a new one. Pretty sneaky, eh?!

Apparently the only good dishwasher soap out there is Amway šŸ˜› and ya, go figure, he sells the stuff too! So, I bought some Amway soap (pretty pricey, but you only need 1/3 the amount you usually use) and my dishwasher started to get my dishes clean. Along with the LemiShine of course šŸ™‚

So, until I use up my Amway soap, my plan is to alternate between Amway and homemade stuff. šŸ™‚

oh- and I have also been using Vinegar as my Rinse Aid in each load. Not sure if I need it, with the LemiShine, but as I said, I’m nervous about it not working! šŸ˜› Check out my post on Vinegar in your Dishwasher here. And try Vinegar for your fabric softener too, works like a charm šŸ™‚

Here’s the cost breakdown that I can find in approximates: $3.83 for borax, $1.99 for washing soda, and $2.00 for Dawn, $4.49 for Lemi Shine, $1.00 for Sea Salt, $3 for Vinegar. I should be able to make about 6 batches of Dishsoap with these ingredients, with some leftover ingredients. Total of all ingredients: $16.31. Each batch would come to approximately $2.72.Ā  You get 32 loads out of a batch, so each load of dishes will cost about .o8 or 8 Cents šŸ™‚

As opposed to the Finish Powerball Tabs (or other similar products) from Walmart, package of 85 for $13.87, which breaks down to 16 cents a load. So it’s half price, those are pretty good numbers! šŸ™‚

Sounds pretty good, huh?! šŸ˜€

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21 Responses to Dishwasher Detergent Tabs Recipe

  1. emily says:

    fun! I’ve never seen homemade in tab form! Thanks so much for taking the time to link up to the Tasteful Tuesday party Make sure to follow my blog via bloglovin, GFC or facebook so you don’t miss out on my features posts… it could be YOU :o)

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  3. Raina says:

    I’ve found that my dishes eventually start to look really cloudy with this recipe. I so badly wanted it to work. I love Lemishine, but even with it my glasses started to look really bad. I was totally bummed out.

    • Christine says:

      aww sorry to hear Raina!! I know that the water sure makes a difference, and everyone seems to have their fav thing that just works great for them, hope you find what works for you! šŸ™‚

      The ingredients you used in this recipe are the same as for the laundry soap recipe, which I NEVER stopped using! šŸ™‚ Give it a try, you might like it!

      • Anonymous says:

        I do make my own, and love it! One cup borax, one cup washing soda, and a grated bar of Ivory soap. You can add the scented beads like Downy Unstoppables if desired, too. Just a tablespoon or two per load. šŸ™‚

        • Christine says:

          oh cool! I’ve never tried Ivory in the dishwasher!! ha, never would have thought to do that! And it dosn’t leave scum on the dishes?

          • Anonymous says:

            Oh, no! I was responding to the liquid detergent. I use that for my laundry! šŸ™‚

          • Christine says:

            OH! HAHA! too funny! Yes, i could see Ivory working in laundry better than dishes! lol šŸ˜€ There are TONS of recipes for laundry soap out there. My biggest reason for using the one i have is that it’s SO EASY! šŸ™‚

  4. sue says:

    Ok, so I made this recipe and all of my dishes have a white film all over them. What did I do wrong?

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