DIY Hand Soap from bar soap (Salicylate free)

Homemade hand soap DIYSO, for those of you on the Guaifenesin Protocol and wanting to make your own products, this is #2 in my series of How TO make your own Salicylate free products 🙂

I have tried SOOO many different recipes I feel like an expert in this area! ha!

Start with:

bar (s) of salicylate free soap. Dove makes a really nice bar soap, the plain one is the salicylate safe one. Check out my post on Shea and cocoa butters and salicylates. But you can also use original Ivory, some of the Olay bars and many others. Many are sal free but don’t all work the same. Let me explain:

Dove is my favorite because you can microwave it until it melts and then just pour it into your hot water. ALL the rest of the bar soaps so far cannot be microwaved this way. They don’t melt, they foam up! so weird. AND they don’t thicken like Dove does. They are really watery, and adding more of your bar soap to the water dosn’t work, it just separates into little clumps. If you are determined to use one of these other bar soaps, use a ratio of one grated bar soap to 10 cups water. follow same instruction below 🙂

And many of them separate after it cools and you always have to shake them. Dove is the best at not separating. Take my word (and experience) for it! 😀

So, here’s how-to for a thick, creamy hand soap:

1 bar Dove, microwaved till melted (about 2 mins)

2 cups Hot watDove bar soap makes great Liquid hand soaper

1 Tbsp Glycerin (optional)

Heat till all melted, stir. Turn off stove and let sit for 24  hours, stirring every 30 mins, then every hour, then once cool, only every 8 hours or when ever you get out of bed in the morning 😀

Pour into an old hand soap dispenser and add your own label 🙂 Some labels can easily be pulled off, and I use a permanent marker to put my name on it.

Now, about using this for shower soap. I personally don’t like it, it seems like it’s not really sudsy enough or something. I have to use TONS of it in my loofa, and then I may as well buy liquid soap already made as it goes farther! ha!

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6 Responses to DIY Hand Soap from bar soap (Salicylate free)

  1. Lisa says:

    H Christine
    I am planning g on making your hand soap recounts
    When I hear the soap in a pot …will it ruin the pot ? Should I use a pot that I don’t care about ?

    • Lisa says:

      Sorry for the misspelling
      I meant when I Heat the soap in a pot will it ruin the pot ?

      • Christine says:

        Hey Lisa! No, your pot will be fine! 🙂 I use separate pots just for sanitary reasons since I used to sell my products and give tons of them for gifts all the time 😀

      • Christine says:

        let me know how it goes and what you think of the finished product! I don’t use it anymore. I prefer my liquid soap. I just buy the surfactants that are the most natural and go from there. Guess I need to make a DIY on that too hey?! 🙂 It’s SO easy and you control what you add to it 🙂 I LOVE my liquid soap!

  2. deeceecoolum says:

    Thank you for this idea, I just have to say I am boycotting Dove as they use ‘uncertified’ palm oil of which is threatening the life of endangered Orangutans. Just a step on my behalf but there are alternatives, hopefully Saks free, like rice bran oil! 😊

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