Doctors and Mappers for the Guaifenesin Protocol

find the doctorThis list is for:

This is a work in progress! We have an old list of possible doctors and mappers at the bottom of this post that we are going to start calling to find out if they still support the Guaifenesin Protocol. If you know of anyone, please leave a comment and we’ll make sure to look into it and possibly add them to our list. These are listed by State/Province, Country.

We have a list of support groups all over the world that you can check out too. Many of them are on Facebook, just fyi 🙂


1. Dr St Amand of course:…

The Office of Dr. St. Amand, M.D. 4560 Admiralty Way, Suite 355 Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (310) 577-7510

2. Dr Melissa Congdon

815 Hyde St., Suite 317 | San Francisco CA 94109 10 Millwood St., #5 | Mill Valley, CA 94941 | Map & Directions M-Th: (415) 795-1202 | Fri: (415) 927-0600

Co, Colorado Springs:
Togi Kinnaman,LMT, LPC, Certified EMDR Therapist Approved Fibro Mapper 719-331-5063
SD, Rapid City:
Debra Brandt: Trained Mapper in Rapid City Medical Center, Urgent Care, RApid City, SD  1-605-388-5590
She is in Urgent Care, so it is walk in. Just call ahead to find out her schedule.

Canada: Edmonton, Alberta

Cheryl Kowalewski, nurse trained by Dr St Amand in mapping:… contact for dates and times for mappings and meetings:


Annette Kam started and runs this awesome group and has a fabulous mapper over there!

St. Clement’s Parish Hall 1515 Wilder Avenue Honolulu, Hawaii 96822

Annette Kam, Retired RN (leader) 808-677-8770 (h) Vicki Mauck (mapper) 695-0024 (h) 371-2071 (c)


Unchecked, unvarified possible mappers: (may not be reliable, always use your symptom journal to help find your clearing dose.)

These are the mappers we have heard others using, that are not trained by Dr St Amand and so we cannot vouch for their reliability. But even so, a mapper will be an encouragement to you as you can visually see what is happening as you clear those lumps and bumps! I wanted to provide this list for you, so you can have that blessing too, but please don’t rely on them to tell you your clearing dose and whether you are clearing or not! <3

CA, Fresno George Drysdale. Drysdale Physical Therapy. maps left thigh only. 1243 E. Spruce Avenue, Suite 105 Fresno, California 93720 Phone: (559) 431-6700 Fax: (559) 431-6777 E-mail:

CA, San Jose Dr. Tina Roach-Gagnon, DC.  7174 Santa Teresa Blvd, Ste A-6, San Jose, CA. phone: 408-972-5686.

CO, Colorado Springs Dr. George Jeutersonke 3525 American Drive Colorado Springs, CO 80917 (719) 597-6075

MI, Spring Lake: Thaddeus P. Srutwa, M.D. 17206 Van Wagoner Road Spring Lake, Michigan 49456 (616)847-5154…

MI, Northfield Denise Garshott PA , 248-348-8700

Israel: Norbert Kurland, MD Pain Doctor Kfar-Saba. 14, Enzio Sireni Street 44285 Kfar-Saba Tel: (972) 09 7601440 Fax: (972) 09 7442644 Mobile Phone: 052 3414175 E-mail:

UK Mapper Click this link for a list of possible mappers:

Thank you to everyone for the info you all shared! Please let us know if you have gone to any of these doctors and mappers for the Guaifenesin Protocol and what your experience was. We want to keep our list updated and as accurate as possible! Thank you! <3










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4 Responses to Doctors and Mappers for the Guaifenesin Protocol

  1. sue says:

    We are just beginning our Guaifenesin Protocal journey. I called Denise Garshott PA as she is only an hour away from us. The other Dr. was over 150 miles away, still in Michigan, but to far.

    My son is learning disabled and therefore unable to read all the protocol and follow it so I am helping him. He has had the fybromyalgia for years and we have tried everything, under the sun, to help him feel better. Nothing has had a lasting affect. Maybe it has helped him for a short time or helped to improve him from worst ever to worst. We do have an appointment to see Dr. Garshott, but her office staff she no longer does the body mapping. We decided its not critical to our son’s treatment. The mapping is probably more helpful to be encouraged, but probably time consuming for the dr.

    Any advice or tips we welcome. I am in the middle of reading What Your Doctor May…, as well as reading your information and signing up for the fb page, but that is about as far as I have gotten so far.
    David (my son) is more than willing to do what it takes… cutting out the necessary salicylates is our present endeavor. Wondering if his blood pressure meds is something he can safely take. We will bring that up with Dr. Garshott. David’s doctor will in no way shape or form work with him on this protocol so we are turning to Dr Garshott for potential help. We do not want to go through all the testing… he has had all that many times over. So we are hoping she won’t require the diagnostic testing. We will see next Friday.


    • Christine says:

      Hi Sue! Your message got lost in my long list of emails, sorry! <3
      Have I met you on fibro buddies facebook group?
      How is it going with Dr Garshott? I have heard VERY little about her, so any info at all would be very helpful with sending people to her or not.
      Have you finished the book? Does Dr Garshott advise your son to take anything other than the guaifenesin for fibro? I hope it has been a help to see her and not a frustrating appointment! Let me know how it went! I look forward to hearing from you 🙂 You can share on fbog too 🙂

  2. Laiele says:

    Hi Christine! Just wanted to let you know that Dr George Drysdale is always happy to help, he HAS been trained by Dr StAmand 😉 and conferences with him about patients frequently.

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