Easiest way to check for Salicylates in topical products!

Salicylate 4In an effort to make finding your salicylate-free products as easy as possible for you, I have share tons of posts on how to find your own sal-free products. THIS is the best thing since sliced bread! You’ve got to check it out! πŸ™‚

Check out this SalSearch website that will simplify things so much for you! Just enter your ingredients in the box and hit the Check button! πŸ˜€ http://www.fibromyalgie-guaifenesin.info/en/salsearch/

Have you seen my many posts on how to figure out your salicylates in your topical products? This will be such a huge relief for you to use! If you are on the Guaifenesin Protocol, as part of getting well, you need to stay away from Salicylates in your topical products or the Guaifenesin WON’T work!!

It was originally in German and is so useful they did all the work of translating it to English for us! YAY! SO thankful for the way we can all get together around the world to help each other get well again! πŸ™‚

Click this for more: Frequently Asked Questions about the Guaifenesin Protocol and Salicylates

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  1. margie sanders says:

    nice to hear from you Christine-thanks for sharing!

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