Fabric Softener alternative

Fabric Softener alternative

Fabric softener is not only bad for your dryer and the environment, but it is ON your clothes, which is ON your skin, which ends up IN your body!!

Consider trying something new next time you put your clothes through the laundry. Weather you use dryer sheets or fabric softener in your rinse cycle, it is something that does not come OUT in the wash!

Check out this quote:
“Anderson Laboratories’ chemical analysis of the airborne
emissions of five different kinds of commonly available fabric
softeners was reported in the May, 2000 issue of The Journal of
Toxicology and Environmental Health. Their study revealed that
the fabric softeners emitted toluene, styrene, phenol, thymol,
xylene, and trimethylbenzene, among other chemicals, many of which
cause acute respiratory tract irritation and inflammation”
Click here for complete article by www.care2.com/greenliving

Yes there is alot of speculation on dryer sheets causing fires, etc, but my main issue is with the health hazards and the environment! Not to mention your pocket book!! haha!

So, consider trying this the next time you do laundry. Instead of using fabric softener, try VINEGAR! Yes, you heard me right: Vinegar! I fill my little fabric softener cup in my washing machine with vinegar, and it WORKS!! You don’t have to worry about the environment or your health! AND it’s is so much cheaper 🙂 My clothes are not any more staticky than before, and I just feel better about laundry! =) Happy washing!

UPDATE a year later:

I’m happy to tell you, this is Still my preferred fabric softener! 🙂 And there are MORE reasons to use it that I have found in the past year!

1. It does NOT leave your clothes smelling like vinegar, many people have asked me this question.

2. It helps to set the color in new clothes.

3. It takes care of any mold problems I might have had if I was using Fabric Softener instead.

4. It totally takes care of the bad odor that most people struggle with in using front-loading washing machines!! I have NEVER had a bad odor from my machine! Mind you, I read about that problem before I bought it and so have always kept the door open when it’s not in use. I have heard many people on the internet complaining about their front loaders and how unhappy they are with them because of the smell and that they don’t clean as well as top loaders. I LOVE my front loader! it gets my clothes very clean and smelling wonderful! Try vinegar if you are having a hard time with your front loader!

Click here for the recipe that I use for easy peasy Homemade Laundry Soap in my HE washer 🙂

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3 Responses to Fabric Softener alternative

  1. Becky Roy says:

    excellent, I will try that today. i have all of the above problems with my front load washer!

    • Christine says:

      oh! then can you tell me once you’ve been using Vinegar for a while if it helps with the smell right away or if it takes a while? I’ve only used vinegar, so don’t know how long it takes to work if you already have issues! 🙂 good to ‘see’ you on here aunt Becky! <3

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