FAQ of the Guaifenesin Protocol

This is part of my Fibromyalgia and Guaifenesin Protocol FAQ series which is getting to be too long of a list for one post, so I am dividing it up to make it easier to find things. Hope it helps! 🙂

Here are the other 2 FAQ lists:

Living with FMS and surviving the Protocol FAQ

Salicylates FAQ

Click to see complete list of: FAQ from my site.

What is the Guaifenesin Protocol? Check out my: explanation and Video! Just starting out on the Guaifenesin Protocol? Check out my: tips to getting started. 

Articles claiming the Guaifenesin Protocol dosn’t work

Blocking- what does it feel like? How can you tell?

Books for the Guaifenesin Protocol and where to buy them

Doctor Involvement for the Protocol

Doctor Paper on Guaifenesin Protocol (br Dr St Amand)

Dosage for the Guaifenesin Protocol

Explanation of the Guaifenesin Protocol by Dr St Amand

Guaifenesin types and brands for use on the Protocol

Guaifenesin- Long Acting (or extended release) and Fast Acting differences

Ingredient List of sal-safe ingredients for the protocol

Journal- Symptom

Low Dose Fast Responders (300mg bid)

Mapping- What is it and what does it have to do with Fibromyalgia?

Pediatric Fibromyalgia

Phosphates- what part do they play?

Salicylate free products- how to find them

Starting the Guaifenesin Protocol

Support Group- Fibro Buddies closed group on Facebook

Time it takes to reverse on the Guaifenesin Protocol

Let me know if there is something you would like answered that would likely help others starting out on the protocol! :)

PLEASE NOTE: I am not a doctor, nor do I claim to be. I am also not an expert on Fibromyalgia, I’m just here trying to help with things I struggled through alone when I started on the Guaifenesin Protocol due to my lifelong battle with Fibromyalgia. This list will grow as I post more :)


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