FAQ: Washing hands salicylate free when not home

Salicylates on the Guaifenesin Protocol to treat FibromyalgiaWhat do I do when I am not home and don’t know if the soap in the bathroom I am using is salicylate free?

It is possible to not block on this soap. Especially if you are super careful about everything else. But remember- salicylates accumulate throughout the day. You can end up tipping over the edge to blocking your guaifenesin from working to reverse your fibromyalgia symptoms if you do too many things like this. It’s why I NEVER use other peoples soap unless I’m sure it’s sal-free.

You can bring a little bottle of your own soap in your purse, or just vigorously rub your hands under warm water for a couple minutes to clean them.

I have read that you can get rid of just as much bacteria this way as you can when you use antibacterial soap. I’m personally not sure if I believe that because when I do that after eating, I can still smell those chicken wings on my fingers lol!

At work, definitely bring your own soap since you will be using it everyday and sometimes a couple times a day. TOTALLY not worth the risk. I NEVER use soap anywhere unless the ingredients are clearly listed on the bottle, and even then, if they’re like me, I re-use my bottles and put different soap in them, so the ingredient list isn’t right anymore. I only use family members and close friends’ soap, they all know my restrictions and so I can see the ingredient list before I use it.

I never want to risk slowing down clearing, forget totally blocking! Everyone is so different about sals and how much you can get before it blocks you. There’s no way to know unless you are being frequently mapped by a reliable mapper. This is why I am so very careful with sals. I would absolutely hate to think I caused one person to slow down in their clearing. <3

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