FAQ: What are cytochromes?

FAQCytochromes are a little more medical-jargon-y than I am medical-knowledge-y. LOL 😀

From what I understand, they are a natural and healthy part of our body that fights off and kills what they see as invaders. When you take alot of meds, your cytochromes can kick in and start fighting your meds. It’s why sometimes we have to increase our dose of Guaifenesin or take some FA with our regular clearing dose.

This cytochrome issue is especially people who take alot of medicine and vitamins, etc. They are more likely to have this problem.

Here’s a quote from a friend in training to be an RN 🙂

Cytochrome issue: For some reason (the mechanism of action isn’t fully researched) when we over load our bodies with a nutrient in pill form our bodies will see this as an invasion of a foreign substance. Cytochromes will come along and prevent our bodies from absorbing it. It can also effect the absorption of other substances taken with the supplements that the cytochromes are protecting our bodies from.

Are you someone who found your clearing dose according to the book by Dr St Amand, you started out clearing well and then can’t figure out why your progress is stalled? Have you double and tripple-checked all your topical and dental products for salicylates? If yes, FA/IR guai can help with cytochromes. Just take one whenever is easiest for your body to handle. The guai makes me fatigued and actually helps me sleep so I take extra at night.

For more help, feel free to contact me or join my Facebook Support group called “Fibro Buddies on the Guaifenesin Protocol.


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2 Responses to FAQ: What are cytochromes?

  1. Kirstin G Lynde says:

    Nice post on a complex subject, Christine! I am one with this issue – Dr SA started me on 400 FA in the morning and evening in June this year when I clearly wasn’t clearing according to his mapping. Now I’m on 2400 FA, or 800 taken at 8 am, 2 pm and 8 pm. My big question is this…doesn’t taking more and more FA (and LA) which many Guai-ers do….eventually exacerbate the cytochrome issue because the FA or LA is itself a medication? Doctors threw WAY too many supplements at me over the past 7 years as my fibro has become a problem…and now I’m happy to be down to mostly just doing FOOD for nutrients (often superfoods like homemade broth, real fermented sauerkraut, homemade yogurt etc). The only pills I pop besides Guai are 1 benedryl at night, plus Vit D and 1-2 grassfed liver supplement pills for B vitamins and iron etc. But doesn’t this protocol set those of us with this issue up for a life of ever increasing Guai doses??? I know people like Dr SA who’ve been on Guai for a long time HAVE increased their doses over time…but I guess there are people who don’t need to do that…maybe the ones without cytochrome issues?

    • Christine says:

      It IS a complex issue for sure! And I think it is why that 5% of people may not clear on the protocol. And it is also why I think it’s so important to see a trained mapper to be sure you continue to clear over the years. You are very fortunate to see Dr St Amand and have his help! I have noticed I have needed to increase my dose, even as a low doser! SO thankful for my mapper, I never would have figured it out without her!

      Just continue to see Dr St Amand at least once a year, and he will track your clearing with you to make sure things keep working! <3

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