FAQ: What does it feel like to block the Guaifenesin from working to reverse your fibromyalgia?

oooh, if it was easy to tell when we’re blocking, then we’d never need to have a journal or mapping! I blocked for a whole year. Or partially blocked, because my map was totally the same after 12 months. So, likely it was clearing sometimes and then blocking other times. being a low doser, (clearing at 300mg Guaifenesin twice a day) a year is too long to go without clearing noticeably in a mapping.

For me, I wondered and worried, because I wasn’t making any improvements and was so so tired all the time. Again, as a low doser, it’s harder to know, because we are constantly clearing!

SO, a low doser I think would have some doubts about blocking if you see no changes or improvements after many months. Because you will still feel yucky from blocking! You could be clearing for 12 hours, and then blocking for 12 and so you clear and feel yucky and then re-deposit and feel yucky again. This is why it’s so hard to know if you are blocking by just your symptom journal!

A higher doser or regular doser, will have cycles. I am guessing it would be easier to tell than a low doser, but I”m not sure on that, one of the other admins might be able to tell you better on that one!

THIS Is why it is SOOO important to be super sal-careful, esp if you are not being mapped!!!!! I went a whole year and wish I had gone back for more mappings so I could see there was no improvement sooner than a year! And this is why in this group, we are super sal-careful in our advice! SOME people might be ok with some of the iffy ingredients, but its sure not worth the risk if you ask me! 

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