FAQ: Caution Items: not sal safe while others say it’s fine?

WE don’t want to be the cause of someone losing ground on their clearing and cycling, so we go super careful with our advice. Even just ONE person being unsuccessful on their clearing because of our advice is unacceptable to us! Here is the list of caution ingredients we have chosen to to super sal- careful, click the links for more info:

Inulin: http://christinescozycorner.ca/inulin-and-salicylates/

Blue Dye: http://christinescozycorner.ca/blue-dye-1-and-the-guaifenesin-protocol/

Topical Butters like cocoa, shea and mango seed: http://christinescozycorner.ca/butters-like-cocoa-shea-and-mango-seed/

Esters like Jojoba: http://christinescozycorner.ca/esters-like-jojoba-and-salicylates/

Chewing Gum: http://christinescozycorner.ca/chewing-gum-and-salicylates/

PEG # plant oils: http://christinescozycorner.ca/peg-40-and-oils-are-they-salicylate-safe/

Stevia: http://christinescozycorner.ca/stevia-as-a-sweetener-and-salicylates/

Toothpastes: http://christinescozycorner.ca/toothpaste-toms-of-maine-colgate-and-salf-free-options/

But we don’t choose to go super sal-sensitive lightly! We ONLY go with what we have heard from several other guai support groups leaders, we don’t come up with this stuff on our own! And we are here to help you so that it ISN’T overwhelming and too hard to follow. Check out our Fibro Buddies on the Guaifenesin Protocol support group for more support 🙂

I hope this clears a few things up!

And if you want to skip trying to figure out all your products and find sal-safe ones, just go on over to Andrea Rose and buy all your products online from her- guaranteed sal-safe 🙂

*Please note that salicylate sensitivity plays a role in this! My website and support group are VERY sal careful!  We have found certain things to block the salicylate sensitive people (such as ACV VinegarsStevia,  topical butters, gums, certain toothpastes) and want to be extremely cautious with what we say is safe or not. Anybody who is being mapped by Dr St Amand or Dr Congdon is a different story, as they have someone who can help them to know when they are blocking. The rest of us who don’t have mappers have to be SUPER diligent so that we don’t block, since we have nobody to catch it if we do!*

For more info click: FAQ about the Guaifenesin Protocol and salicylates

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I'm a bit of a health nut and not ashamed of it! God, family and Missions are huge passions and driving forces in my life. I have had fibromyalgia for most of my life and am in the process of a treatment that is gonna give me my life back! Join me in my journey to wellness, make some new friends and maybe encourage someone else along the way!
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6 Responses to FAQ: Caution Items: not sal safe while others say it’s fine?

  1. Marcy Minton says:

    So glad you had a nice Mothers day I did also. I enjoy your web site so much I am learning a lot.
    When I read that Life Cell South Beach Skincare was ok to use I was very happy. marcy

  2. Kelly says:

    Hi Christine,

    Actually, I would ask the opposite question: Why does this website say things like blueberries and raspberries are okay, when in fact they are both very high in salicylates?

    • Christine says:

      great question Kelly and I’m so glad you asked! This website is about staying away from TOPICAL salicylates because they block our fibromyalgia medication called Guaifenesin. A little sals in our foods will digest out of our bodies and not affect our meds. If you are allergic to sals, then it will be a completely different site and info that you need!

      The dietary stuff I talk about on here is about hypoglycemia, which is what 40% of people with fibro have, and so it’s a huge help to stick to the HG diet 🙂 Does that help?

  3. Linda Armbuster says:

    I have been using Dawn dishwashing liquid (the blue stuff) ever since I started the protocol-about 5 years ago. Ok to use right?

    • Christine says:

      Blue Dawn is salicylate free, but Dr St Amand is seeing some people slow down in progress from Blue Dye! so, if that’s something you are concerned about, try some of the other sal-free ones out there 🙂

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