Faux Chocolate breakfast mousse (GF, SF, Low Carb, HG strict)

Faux chocolate breakfast mousseThis is AMAZING!! I have been playing with using Gelatin lately as there is SO many health benefits to this stuff. Have you seen my Strawberry breakfast mousse recipe yet? This one is MUCH yummier! 😀 And did I mention? EASY PEASY! 😀

So, I took this pic right after pouring into my cup and a couple minutes later it thickened up more like a mousse than a shake 🙂 I also refrigerated a little to see what would happen, and I like it better un-refrigerated 🙂 Totally good enough for a dessert too, scoop on a dollop of homemade whipping cream and YUMO!

Here’s how:

Into a blender:

1 package Gelatin, I use Knox brand

1 tsp sugar free Carob chips

1/2 cup boiling water

Blend till carob chips are completely dissolved, add rest of ingredients and blend:

2 pasteurized raw eggs (click for how to do this at home)

1/4 tsp decaf coffee grounds

1 tsp Xylitol

1 tsp chocolate flavor (I have Watkins :))

6 frozen strawberries

1 tsp unsweetened whey protein powder (if yours is already sweetened, skip the Xylitol)

Blend and pour into large cup, eat immediately! YUMMMM! 😀 The Strawberries give it a little tang and the coffee makes it zippy 🙂 I LOVE dark chocolate, and this is more of a dark chocolate flavor, with strawberries.

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