Fibromyalgia is a very REAL disease. The symptoms are so numerous, I could fill this entire page with them. If you have Fibromyalgia, you are not alone! Your pain is NOT in your head, and I am here to help any way that I can. If you are looking for a support group in Canada, especially the Dawson Creek BC area, my group is still open to new members, email me at

What is Fibromyalgia?

Most of what I know about fibromyalgia is from what I’ve lived through since I was a little girl and didn’t understand why everyone else had so much more fun playing than I did. All I wanted to do was sit. All the time. THEN a few years ago I found a book that filled in all the blanks and showed me WHY I felt that way all my life and that there was something I could do to reverse it! The Guaifenesin Protocol is what I’m talking about. And no, it’s not just about taking a pill, you must do the whole protocol for it to actually work!

And YES! The Guaifenesin Protocol really works for Fibromyalgia!!

People are BORN with Fibromyalgia, but for most people, the symptoms don’t kick your butt till later in life usually. You can have small things like ‘growing pains’, or bladder issues, or ‘prone to illness.’ And just live with it, and not know that there is possibly something else going on. Notice I said POSSIBLY! Not everything is Fibromyalgia! πŸ™‚

Basically, there is trouble with our Kidneys. Dr St Amand believes (after 50 years of study and thousands of patients) that our kidneys have a genetic defect and don’t eliminate phosphate from our bodies, so the body compensates by storing it all over the body, creating tender points, bumps, lumps and many other issues! Please refer to the paper mentioned earlier for the more exhaustive list of symptoms or click here πŸ™‚ Some of the most prevalent symptoms I have seen are these: Irritable Bowel Syndrome complaints, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic bladder and yeast infection complaints, back, neck, sciatica, shoulder pain, post-nasal drip, sinus and nasal issues, sore feet, ankles, knees… the list goes ON and ON!

The only thing that works well to make the kidneys work as they should is pure Guaifenesin. But not only that! Before you run all over the internet searching Guaifenesin and reading ANCIENT papers on the studies done back in the 70’s, please hear me out! There is something that BLOCKS Guaifenesin from working, and they didn’t know about that when alot of those papers and studies were done. Thankfully, Dr St Amand has kept at it, determined to help his patients (and himself!) get well, not just cover symptoms with heavier, more addictive pain meds.

Check out the rest of my explanation of the Guaifenesin Protocol, including a little video I made : What is Fibromyalgia and the Guaifenesin Protocol? in my own words πŸ™‚

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Looking for a support group in Canada? My group is still open to new members, email me at

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  1. Eva says:

    Hi my name is Eva . I am 28 years ,with fibromyalgia have been fighting for about 13 years. it started a few years after the death of my mother. In October 2011, my daughter was born and my illness yet returned stronger. I tried different anti-depression pills np.amitripaline etc all brought relief but only for a short while. Now I want to start treatment with guaifenesin and collecting all safe cosmetics. Do you know any bid and lacquers and nail polish remover that can be used? The list of safe cosmetics I found Sally Hansen products but do not know if I can use any nail polish and taunts.
    please help πŸ™‚ .
    Regards Eva.

    • Christine says:

      Hi Eva and welcome!
      Your story is so similar to most of us with fibro. It usually flares pretty bad with stress or trauma and then we spend more money than we have trying all the medications and natural remedies out there. Sorry you are going through this too!

      But isn’t it so great that there is hope?!

      Have you read the book by Dr St Amand outlining the protocol? That is the first place to go. And he even tells you what to use for nail polish remover in there!

      feel free to email me with your questions too, I can help you through this if you want πŸ™‚

  2. Christine Duprey says:

    Hi Christine! I am so glad I found your page. I have been fighting the use of medication since 2005. The medical system had me on so many antidepressants that it nearly destroyed my life. The had diagnosed me as depressed, and refused to take into consideration all of the other symtoms that accompanied it…IBS, sleep disruption, body pain, brain fog, lack of motivation, and fatigue. It was my massage therapist who diagnosed me and has treated me as such. Once I was able to wien myself off all of the medication, I went the naturopath route. Fortunately, by reading the guaifenesin info, can see how it may have contributed to the ongoing problems…πŸ˜• Trial and error I guess. The reason I am writing is that I need some clarification. In Dr St Amand’s book, I understood that you need to follow hyperglycemic diet, but you talk about how your digestive system removes lots of the harmful salicylates (which is awesome to hear). Can you eat relatively normal and just remove all products that are skin absorbed?? Please help clarify. I would be embarking on this protcol on my own, since I dont have a doctor here in Saskatchewan that knows or supports this… ( may approach my GP 😊) thank you so much for your time and effort in helping people with fibro! Also thank you in advance for any info you can provide for me!


    • Christine says:

      Hi Christine! πŸ™‚ Lovely name if I do say so myself! πŸ˜€
      Sadly, your story is all too common. Sounds like you have read Dr St Amand’s book then? It’s ALOT of info to digest, isn’t it? Totally like changing though, so so thankful for him and his work!

      ok, so the Hypoglycemic (HG) diet is for a different issue that Dr St Amand has found in 40% of people (at least) with fibro. It’s a separate thing, but a necessary thing to do if you think you are at all affected by sugar.

      The HG diet does NOT affect Salicylates or blocking, etc.

      The only things you have to worry about that you swallow is Mint, herbal/ plant ingredients in mg amounts (concentrated) and stevia which is a plant in concentrated amounts.

      I usually encourage my members to start with the protocol first, get everything sal-free, figure out your clearing dose and THEN start the diet if you need it! It seems to be just too much change all at once to try and do it all.

      Where are you in Sask? If you are not too far, I encourage you to drive over to Edmonton to see Cheryl, she is a fabulous mapper and a huge help with the protocol and finding your clearing dose. I drive the 7 hours from Dawson Creek to go see her once a year πŸ™‚ TOTALLY worth it! Here’s the link to her info:

      In the meantime though, you may want to check out my Facebook support group, there’s a few others from Sask in there and you might even find someone who lives right close to you! πŸ™‚ Here’s the link:

      Hope that helps! Hang in there, it gets easier!

      • Christine Duprey says:

        Thanks Christine. I really hope this is a turning point for me! I will definitely look up Cheryl since I am only about 2.5 hours out of Edmonton. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again!

        • Christine says:

          oh my gosh, 2.5 hours out of Edmonton? I would totally be going there every few months if I lived that close! You are gonna be so so thankful! People from all over Canada go to see her! πŸ™‚

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