Foaming Face Wash (Salicylate Safe)

Foaming Face Wash (Salicylate free)This Is something I’ve been tinkering with for a while now- a couple YEARS in fact! If you’ve been following me at all, you’ve seen my attempts and possibly even bought some hand soap (which I still love and use all the time btw) Most people thought it didn’t work because it dosn’t foam up. Come to find out, you have to ADD surfactants to it to get it to foam up, esp using the salicylate free ingredients I had chosen!

Well, I have learned alot in the last couple years in my studying of soap, and making it a couple times, playing with recipes etc.

THIS stuff is foaming! Homemade soap has a different feel than the store brand full of chemicals. It kinda feels almost sticky after rinsing off. But then when you gently (always be gentle with tender face skin) pat it dry, it feels silky smooth. I really think you are going to love this stuff!

One day I had felt a little dryness in the air, so I put a tsp of plain yogurt in my hand, along with my own squirt of this Face Soap, felt amazing! Unfortunately there is no way for me to re-produce that without it going bad within a week. Yogurt is still yogurt, even if it IS added to soap! lol 😀

Ingredients: Potassium olivate (saponified olive oil), Potassium castorate (saponified castor oil), Cromoist Oat Protein, Vit B5, Glycerin, Preservative. (click for more info on each ingredient)

Price: $6.50 comes with re-useable Foaming Bottle. I will also be selling re-fills for a cheaper price, so hang onto your bottles!! 🙂

To place an order, you need to contact me via email, Facebook or comments on here with your request. Shipping is expensive, so I mostly sell locally. But will make an exception for you if you ask! Just tell me what you would like and I can make an invoice and email it to you, you can pay via credit card or PayPal :)

**Once the oils have been saponified, they have been CHANGED by the lye to a chemical! So it no longer has sals in them. Cool hey? Now, making a BAR soap, leaves trace amounts of the oils behind, which is nice, but not for our purposes!

Foaming Face Wash 1These have been made into a liquid soap, and the process uses up as much as humanly possible of the oils. Even to the point of there being left-over lye. (the simplified explanation lol) One of the tests of how much oils are left is how cloudy the soap is. As you can see, it’s very clear and beautiful! This is why I had my first two ingredients sent to me, the process of making liquid soap is an all day, for 3 days, project and I don’t have that kind of energy or patience! LOL 😀

This IS a new product, and as usual I charge very little for new stuff in the hopes people will give me feedback on it! 🙂 (hopefully all GOOD feedback! :)) jk, honest feedback is really what I look for in an effort to be always improving my items for sale 🙂

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