Foaming Hand Soap (Salicylate free, dye free, fragrance free)

Foaming hand soap- Salicylate free, dye free, fragrance freeThis gentle hand soap made from my Wholesome Body Wash recipe!

Gentle but also a great cleaner. Hang onto your bottles to re-use, buy a refill for only $2.25!

Ingredients: aqua (distilled water), Surfactants (Amphosol, Bioterge), Oat Protein, Glycerin, Sea Salt, preservative

Foaming Bottle: $3.00

Refill: $2.25

To place an order, you need to contact me via email, Facebook or comments on here with your request. Shipping is expensive, so I mostly sell locally. But will make an exception for you if you ask! Just tell me what you would like and I can make an invoice and email it to you, you can pay via credit card or PayPal :)

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