Gardening and Salicylates

Quote taken with permission from the  Guaigroup digest from Fibromyagia Treatment Center website.

While it is unlikely you would block from just pulling a leaf of basil off the stem, working in the garden at a certain point will expose you to enough of the plant oils to block you. 

So if you’re in the garden, don’t try to rationalize it or figure it out.  Just put on gloves! 

You are not incorrect in saying that just touching  a leaf in the kitchen and just touching a leaf in the garden are the same, but generally once you get in the garden you start working and then you will, at a certain point block.” ~ Claudia Merek

Not simple enough? So basically, gardening will block unless you wear gloves and not the cloth kind. Or unless you are the type of person to literally only pull ONE weed and stop there! ha! I am certainly not that way! 😀

 Click this link to see the list of:  FAQ about Salicylates etc :)

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