Get your doctor involved in the Guaifenesin protocol! here’s how

OK, so Chapter 7 of Dr St Amand’s book, “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia” tells us all about how to get our doctors involved with the Guaifenesin Protocol. I SO wish I had remembered and processed that part of the book enough to do this. At the time, I was far too sick to brave talking to my doctor about it, who had been telling me he, “didn’t know what to do with me.” UGH.

Anyways, this is for those of YOU who are BRAVE and have us to back you up and give you support to make this happen!!

Click this: For a list of doctors and mappers we know of who support the protocol.

1. So, you need to get the battery of tests done to ensure you indeed DO have fibro, that your symptoms are not something more life-threatening.

2. Ask your doctor if he would read: the paper by Dr St Amand on the protocol, written for Doctors (have this with you when you go to the doctor)
Ask him is he is willing to walk with you through this treatment you are convinced is going to work. If he is not interested, MOVE ON! You need a doctor who will support and understand what you are trying to do!
If he is interested,
Ask him if he will give you a prescription for Guaifenesin. For many, this will save you some $$.
Ask him for a referral to a Rheumatologist, massage therapist, or chiropractor who is open minded and interested in learning how this protocol works.

3. When you see your rheumy, chiropractor or massage therapist, bring info on mapping, found in the book or on

Ask them if they would be willing to learn more on being a mapper for fibro in your area (and likely the only one, thus insuring they have many more patients! 🙂

The goal of your first visit with him/her is to see if they can feel the lumps on your left thigh. If they can’t, you need to find someone who does. This is a good starting point to help you find your clearing dose! Otherwise, stick to your journal for finding your clearing dose. 🙂

If they are super interested and want to get trained, this is AWESOME! They will need to watch the DVD from and preferably, be trained by Dr St Amand! Then they can do a full body map for you 🙂 Bring a clear map, so they can map you and indicate on the caricature where your lumps and bumps are. It’s going to be a long process for you to find someone who is interested enough to be trained this way, just to warn you!!

4. Get copies of that map to bring to your doctor, along with your symptom journal showing him how you are struggling through.

5. stick to the protocol

6. get re-mapped after your one month on either 300mg bid or, if symptoms not increasing, on 600mg bid for one month. Click here for: finding your correct Guaifenesin Dosage. This will tell you if this is your clearing dose, by the fact that your left thigh will be clear. YES! 😀

7. Make an appointment with your doctor again and show him your map and symptom journal, discuss your symptoms and how you are managing, discuss your other meds if you are on them, and how to slowly go off them when you no longer need then ’cause you’re feeling so AWESOME! 😀

8. Make yearly appointments to see your mapper and your doctor, to keep him informed on your progress and how well you are doing, and you just MIGHT convert another doctor to help thousands of other patients he will likely have with fibro!

9. Don’t forget to let us know about your doctor and mapper so that we can refer him to other fibro patients wanting to start the protocol!! 🙂

Click for more info on: the Guaifenesin Protocol and getting started!

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