Gloves in a Bottle and Salicylates

FAQ: Do Gloves in a Bottle protect me from Salicylates and blocking the Guaifenesin?

(Please, hair dressers and stylists, read this and jump in with ideas and comments!!)

This is a lotion, and it MIGHT protect you. Please take the time to go through all of your products if you are a hair dresser. It’s certainly safest for your health to use all salicylate safe products. I know there are many, because Sabrina Stephens has found several as have I! Go to our Fibro Buddies on Guaifenesin support group for more chatting about this topic.

If you are determined to use Gloves in a Bottle as your only protection while using sal-full products all day, please remember to re-apply every time you get your hands in water, set a timer to re-apply regularly throughout the day, just for good measure, and use it all the way to your elbows! I just want to see you get WELL because you are clearing your deposits and not blocking on something!! <3 Personally, I would NOT risk it!

I know this is a HUGE deal for you. Please don’t let it discourage you from getting your life and health back on the Guaifenesin Protocol.

There’s a few things you can do: If you MUST use a shampoo or conditioner with sals in it, wear actual rubber gloves, your client wont even see you are, because their head is back and your hands are in their hair! ahhh… just the thought… how nice! 🙂

Cut hair without gloves, and make sure you add nothing to the wet/ dry hair that will have sals and block you.

You always use gloves for using chemicals anyways, so no change there.

You CAN do this!

Think of it this way- if you DON’T do this, you will continuously get worse and more sick to the point you wont be able to do hair anymore anyways. Take the time now, when you are healthy enough to handle it, go through EVERYTHING you use with a fine-tooth comb.

Click here for compete list of: FAQ about the Guaifenesin Protocol and Salicylates

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