Guaifenesin Protocol vocab: Clearing

The Guaifenesin Protocol has many new words that you will be adding to your vocabulary, I will make a few posts to help you get through this new phase in your life, hope it helps!

In short, clearing is what happens when the lumps and deposits leave your body through the Guaifenesin Protocol.

Once you have switched all your products to sal-free ones, the next step is to Find your Clearing Dose. There are a few different doses that you can take on the guaifenesin protocol. You have to find what works for you and CLEARS the phosphate from your body so that you start to feel worse and then better as the lumps leave your body 🙂

Within a month on a dose, your left thigh can clear of lumps and you know you have found your clearing dose through mapping. As you continue to clear, more lumps will break up and be gone all over your body.

Hope this helps! Check out the other Frequently Asked Questions!

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