Guaifenesin Protocol Vocabulary

Guaifenesin Protocol vocabHere’s a list of commonly used vocab for this protocol with a short explanation and link to the posts that explain them more fully. There is alot of new stuff to learn, but keep going and don’t give up! It’s SO worth it and you will get used to all the lingo, I promise! <3

there are 2 kinds of Guaifenesin (Guai) for this protocol:

LA/ER: Long Acting (LA) and Extended/Slow Release (ER) are the same thing. This is    the Guaifenesin you need to use for the protocol.

SA/FA/IR: Short Acting (SA) and Fast Acting (FA) and Immediate Release (IR) are the same thing. This is the Guaifenesin you can add too the LA guai to make you clear faster, after being on the protocol for many months.



See this link for Brands of Guaifenesin and what to take:

Bid: dosing twice a day. Once in morning, once 12 hours later.

Blocking: your guaifenesin can be blocked from working by using salicylates.

Clearing: what happens when the lumps and deposits leave your body.

Cycling: cycling happens when you are clearing on the protocol so that your symptoms cycle through good and bad moments/ days/ weeks/ months.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions.

Flares: are when you are not clearing and have a flare of bad symptoms.

Guai: short for Guaifenesin, the pill we take to reverse our symptoms.

HG: Hypoglycemia, the need for low carb and low sugar diet. 40% of folks with fibro also have Hypoglycemia and need the HG diet.

HRT: Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Low Dose Fast Responder (Low Doser): A person who starts cycling at only 300mg bid. Very intense without relief for quite some time. 20% of fibro folks clear at this dose.

Sals: short for Salicylates. Sals are what block the guai from working.

Any other things we should clear up here? I can add them 🙂



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