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The Guaigroup email group is a FABULOUS support group via email that you can sign up to receive and also send in your questions about the Guaifenesin Protocol, Salicylates and the Hypoglycemia Diet. The folks that answer the questions posted to it are Claudia Merek (co-author of What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia by Dr St Amand), and a list of other wonderful women who know the protocol inside and out! THESE are the women we all defer to when it comes to guai and sal questions đŸ™‚

(Please note that the guaigroup will be less strict about sals than we are, so dont be confused when they tell you butters, stevia, vinegar, chewing gums, toothpastes, Jojoba esters are all ok and we say no!)

If you haven’t signed up for this yet, you totally need to try!!

Go to this link:

On the left panel near the bottom, there is a link that says Online Support Group. Click that and follow instructions.

Type your name in the top, then your email, then there will be a little down arrow triangle, you need to click on that and choose GUAIGROUP Guaifenesin Protocol/Fibromyalgia Treatment.

Subscription Type: choose Digest (traditional)

Click Subscribe GUAIGROUP.

Then wait for your email and follow the instructions!

and here’s a helpful link with info on signing up from Sabrina Stephens : Fibromyalgia Canada

Hope it works! Keep trying if it dosn’t, it’s well worth the effort! <3

Click for complete list of: FAQ about the Guaifenesin Protocol and Salicylates

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