Hair Dye and Salicylates

Hair color often does have sals in them, but you can get some that don’t and just bring your own sal free shampoo and conditioner.

I totally took the time to read the ingredients on the shampoo and cond while I was waiting for the dye to set, and found some sal free stuff of both right there in the beauty salon! BUT then, they went and scrubbed some stuff on my forehead trying to get off the little bit of dye around my hair line, and I have no idea what was in that! 😛

I looked up the Joico salon dye and it’s sal-free, or at least it was when I looked it up, so if your salon uses that, there’s a high probability that you wont even block 🙂 UPDATE Feb 3 2016: Apparently, Joico has sals in it now, so if you want to ask for an ingredient list first, they might have some old stuff that was sal-free, you never know! 🙂 Or you could go with drugstore brand hair dye and be sure you don’t block! 🙂 Check out Kimberly’s Pinterest board of Guaifenesin safe Hair dye options!

If you WANT to work at it, you could totally do it sal free, it just takes a little more work. And everyone has their own sal tolerance, so some will block with one use of some sal in their shampoo while another person wont block.

I’ve also heard Dr St Amand tells his patients that if they use hair dye with salicylates in it, they will need to change their pillow case after the first night, as there are sals still sitting on your hair that rub off on things like our pillow cases and towels after our first couple washes. You don’t want to continue to block on your pillow case!! LOL 😀

I used to say to make a blocking party out of it if you block for your hair. The problem with this is that it’s a VERY slippery slope. Once you start blocking on purpose, you can start to block by accident too, and then before you know it, you start re-depositing and going backwards in your clearing! SO be careful with this! If you must block on hair, then you must, but make sure you only do that no more than every 6 weeks, and certainly not in the first couple months of finding your clearing dose!

I also take my Guaifenesin even on a blocking day, just in case! You could be one of the few that won’t block as easily, and getting your hair done may not block at all, so why add to the possibility of reversing for a day! Take your guai, stay as sal-free as possible and hope for the best 🙂

Click this link to see the list of:  FAQ about Salicylates etc 🙂

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4 Responses to Hair Dye and Salicylates

  1. Thanks for this – great to know, I hadn’t thought about hair dye until I read this! 🙂

    I’m going to be starting Guaifenesin next month, still reading the book at the moment, but your blog is so inspiring! 🙂

    Just wanted to let you know as well, that I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award over on my blog!

    Have a great day,

    Chrissy xx

    • Christine says:

      HAHA!! I just have to laugh at that nomination!! Definitely fits! I am all over the place with this blog 😛 I’ve even thought about dividing it, but can’t figure out where the division should be! LOL 😀

      I’m so glad I can be of help. I will be posting every day little tips like that over the next couple weeks, make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything!

      I will come over and see your blog, thank you!

  2. Tamara Oi says:

    Couple weeks ago before finding out about this treatment I cut my long hair super short, because of migraines and dizziness, etc. knowing it was Fibro but out of desperation I cut it thinking it might help. It hasn’t. Now I’m thinking about am I still going to be able to dye my hair once I start treatment. Thank you for posting this. I’m adding this to my notebook of notes I’m diving up in sections. This one is going under “PAMPERING MYSELF”… I need to somehow organize all these notes! 🙂 As always I’m loving all the info I’m getting from you and other in group! Thank you! You ROCK girl! <3

    • Christine says:

      an organized notebook for all your notes on the protocol is genius! way to go!! 🙂
      You TOTALLY need to still pamper yourself. And you will find all kinds of new things that you will enjoy so that you don’t feel like you’re giving up everything fun! It just takes time.

      I am so excited to see (hear) how you do! I always love to see who gets well and wants to reach out and help others too, you are ALL such a blessing! <3

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