Homemade 1 Penny Laundry Detergent!!

Easy 1 Penny Homemade Laundry Soap

Easy 1 Penny Homemade Laundry Soap

Homemade Shower Cleaner- Soap Scum and hard water cleaner

Homemade Shower Cleaner- Soap Scum and hard water cleaner

Once you buy the ingredients necessary for making this fabulous recipe, you will have what you need for my

other fabulous homemade Cleaners! Check out my Dishwasher Soap Tabs Recipe and my Homemade Shower Cleaner for Soap scum and hard water deposits. I also give some cheap tips

for Fabric Softener Alternative and Rinse Aid Alternative for Dishwashers πŸ™‚

OK, so I have tried SOOOOO many different Homemade Laundry Detergents, and some clumped too much, others wouldn’t dissolve, and others just wouldn’t get our clothes clean and I ended up with STAINS πŸ™

Please note, I have a Energy Efficient front Loader washing machine, so need HE soap, and this TOTALLY WORKS!!

Here is the one that I now love thanks to One Good Thing By Jillee <3 LOVE her Blog, you absolutely have to check it out if you haven’t already!! She has pictures of

Dishwasher Soap Tabs Recipe

Dishwasher Soap Tabs Recipe

each step of this process if you want, go check it out πŸ™‚

So, I have changed it up a bit to work a bit better for us and my hubbies greasy, diesel stained, horrible smelling work clothes πŸ™‚ HE has a very sensitive nose, much more than I do, so this is a big deal to him more than me! funny how we are sometimes…


3 Tablespoons Borax (make sure there are no LUMPS)

3 Tablespoons Washing Soda (Make sure there are no LUMPS here too!) Dosn’t have to be the brand in the photo either. I got mine from the local health food store πŸ™‚

4 Cups really hot water (I just use really hot tap water)

Swish till dissolved, then add:

4 Tablespoons Blue Dawn Dishwashing Liquid (Jillee used 2 Tbsp of the 2x concentrated kind , I used regular concentration, 4 Tbsp)

1 penny Homemade laundry Soap

1 Penny Homemade Laundry Soap

Should take a whole 3 mins πŸ™‚

and here’s the breakdown prices thanks to Lisa at Jillee’s Blog:Β  Lisa April 30, 2012 at 7:35 am Jillee, I love your blog with such useful tips, I

figured all the good tips you give me, I’d do the math I’m no mathematic genius but here it goes .. I paid 3.83 for borax at Walmart , 1.99 for washing soda, and $ 2.00 for dawn. Ok I rounded up to nearest whole dollar so 1 box of borax is 76 ounces so it makes 50 gallons of detergent equaling =0.08 per gallon. One box washing soda is 55 ounces which will make 48 gallons of detergent=0.05/load. The dawn was 48 ounces so it will make 36 gallons of detergent =0.04 per gallon. So my educated guess is each gallon cost is $0.17 !!

Jillee fills the 4 liter jug with more water with the ingredients I posted above. I don’t bother πŸ˜› So, each 4 cups

of detergent is $0.17 πŸ™‚ You get 16 loads of laundry from this, so approx $0.01 per load! Sounds kinda hard to believe, dosn’t it?!

Use 2 Tbsp per load.

Use Vinegar in the Fabric


HE Clothes Washer for Homemade laundry Soap

HE Clothes Washer for Homemade laundry Soap

Softener compartment- read why HERE.

For my hubbies really greasy clothes, I also pop in a scoop of about 1/4 cup generic brand Oxi Stain Remover as well, into the tub of the washer. It’s basically uses the ‘natural cleaning power of oxygen’. Oxy Clean I believe is the same thing πŸ™‚

It’s just more things to add, which makes me tired just thinking about it πŸ˜›

here it is:

1/4 cup washing soda

1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide

stir together and add immediately

* you can’t make this oxy clean ahead of time, as it loses it’s oxygen within 8 hours and becomes useless! Thus, my aversion to all that work πŸ˜› Maybe when I am feeling better I will take the time!

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17 Responses to Homemade 1 Penny Laundry Detergent!!

  1. Tee says:

    I buy my Dawn from Sam’s Club, in the Professional Gallon size. It has a pump on it. I was wondering if I could use that container to put this laundry soap in? Do you think it will work with the pump?

    • Christine says:

      ooh, that is a FANTASTIC idea Tee!! I am totally going to go get me one too! thank you! πŸ˜€

      • Tee says:

        The pump worked and when I measured one pump it equaled 2 T. My son loves it when he washes his laundry he just has to do the one pump. I thought it was going to gel up but it didn’t. We don’t have the kind of washer you have. We have a HE top loading washer with the low agitator. Gave this recipe a try as we normally use the other recipe were you grate a bar of soap. Good to know we have this recipe now.

        • Christine says:

          this is so great to hear and a fabulous reminder!! I totally forgot to buy the one with the pump πŸ˜› Maybe a friend has one and can give me theirs once it’s empty! ha!

          Yep, it’s a great recipe I love it too πŸ™‚

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Cost effective great idea.

  4. Katja says:

    Hi, Christine. Thanks for creating such a wonderful resource. I am wondering if the blue dye in the Dawn soap would be a problem. I just read your post on blue dyes.

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