How to make a breakfast shake or smoothie (GF, SF, Low Carb)

SO, I have Carb Intolerance and been making breakfast shakes for YEARS and always am coming up with new variations of them! I thought it was about time that I share with you HOW I come up with my recipes, it’s really very simple!

Not interested in coming up with your own recipes? Want to see my recipes? click this link: Breakfast Shakes

What you need:

A good blender

Frozen Fruit

Dairy (or not!)



Protein (I always use raw eggs and can never even taste them, it’s cheaper and in my opinion, healthier than processed protein powders. Learn how to pasteurize your own eggs here.)

Decide weather or not you want a milk-shake type recipe or a slushy type smoothie. When I first switched to the creamier ones I couldn’t believe I had wasted so much time on the dairy-less ones!!

Now, on to the how:

FRUIT is what gives you your flavor base. If you want something tangy, go with raspberry, strawberry, blackberry. Use the more tangy fruits. Use less whipping cream and use more yogurt if you are wanting the tang. Personally, I want my shakes to be sweat and creamy! If you want a very subtle flavor, or a more creamy shake, go for the cantaloup. You NEED fruit in your diet, so make sure you have some in your shake. Using the Cantaloup allows for you to use  your other flavors- like Rum and Butter, or Almond, or Maple, or Rootbeer, or Egg Nog spices! Be creative, and let me know what you try!!

DAIRY is part of what fills you up, and take some of the tang OUT of your shake. For example, I LOVE my strawberry shakes because it has just the right amount of tang and creaminess! You can use milk/ almond milk/ soy milk and/or yogurt in the place of the whipping cream, but for the Hypoglycemic Diet strict(weight loss), I use the whipping cream 🙂 besides, who doesn’t like whipping cream?!

About PROTEIN: You NEED some protein in this shake, esp if it’s all you’re having for breakfast! Without the protein you will find yourself snacking on unhealthy alternatives because you won’t feel satisfied or full enough. If you don’t like the thought of RAW EGGS, check out this how-to on pasteurizing your eggs or use some protein powder, but get one that has as little flavor as possible, so that you won’t change the flavor of your shake to always taste like your protein powder. The lovely thing about making your own shake is that you can make a different kind every day if you want to! 🙂


Into your blender, put your cold, or room temp ingredients first.(below is for 1 serving)

I start with cracking my 2 raw eggs into the blender (toss the shells please!:))

Start with 2 Tbsp whipping cream/ milk of any kind/ yogurt

Choose your fruit- about  1/2 cup of fruit

2 ice cubes (optional- mostly for smoothies as opposed to shakes)

1 tsp sweetener

1/2 tsp vanilla or other flavor.



NOW it’s up to YOU to taste test it! If it’s too sweet, or tart add 1 Tbsp whipping cream. If you can still taste the eggs, you definitely need more tangy in there, so add more fruit or yogurt or flavors! If you want more sweet, add more sweetener to it! it’s that simple!! 😀

Now what have YOU tried? I would love to hear your recipes and ideas for breakfast shakes!! Share links to your recipes if you have them 🙂

Iced Cap

Iced Cap

Egg Nog

Egg Nog

Strawberry Shake

Strawberry Shake

Orange Protein Shake

Orange Protein Shake

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7 Responses to How to make a breakfast shake or smoothie (GF, SF, Low Carb)

  1. Dawn Gray says:

    Hi there,
    We usually just do all fruit and kefir and you’re right–I’m hungry very quickly. Don’t want to buy protein powder…so the idea of raw eggs is great! thank you! We’ll have our own eggs at the end of summer as our chicks are still babies right now!

    • Christine says:

      oh awesome! I’m glad to help 🙂 Hope it works for you. I find all it takes is the smallest amount of simple carbs or sugar one day, and even teh eggs aren’t enough to curb my hunger! lol 😀
      Kefir is AWESOME!! what kind do you make?

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