What is Hypoglycemia/ Carb intolerance? (In my own words)

What happens when you have a Hypoglycemic episode??

Your blood sugar goes too low and you get the myriad of symptoms listed here. It can be pretty frightening. The photo symptoms are just the tip of the iceberg!

hypoglycemia_bugsWhat do most doctors tell you to do to help it? Eat MORE sugar. WHAT?! OK, granted, if you are having an episode and about to go into a coma or something, definitely HAVE SOME SUGAR to get things back up to a safe number. But to LIVE with it on a regular basis?? No, I think just having extra candy bars with you everywhere you go is totally the OPPOSITE of what you actually NEED!!

Your Pancreas is totally over-taxed trying to deal with the ups and downs, shooting out insulin when your blood sugar is too high, overcompensating with too much insulin, and then your blood sugar drops too low because there is too MUCH insulin now, and it’s eating up all your blood sugar, which in return causes your blood sugar to drop way low again. You can see the trouble here!! You are going to end up with diabetes unless you do something. Why wait until your pancreas has had enough and you end up with a life-long illness like diabetes?!

You do NOT need to be so affected by this disease! It does NOT need to control you, you need to control it! And you CAN! With just a few dietary changes. OK, maybe more than a few. But just WAIT until you have been on this diet for a month, you will be SHOCKED at the difference! And as an added bonus, you might even loose some weight if you need to! :) I’ve lost over 20 lbs! YAY! :D

I have alot of recipes for making this change, and links and tips and tricks to making it work for you, so that you don’t feel like my husband did at first, when I hadn’t figured out all this stuff I am sharing with you. Poor guy! He told me so many times, ‘What’s the point in  living if you can’t have anything GOOD to eat?!’ He really WAS suffering! YOU however, don’t have to! I’m here to help! Please take some time to read some of these links, it will help you to understand and know why you NEED this diet!

NOW, my husband walks in the door from work and says to me, ‘how’s my amazing cook doing tonight?’ :D we eat desert almost every night now! hehe! :D and we’re NOT gaining weight doing it!

Check out some helpful links on this topic:

Basically it’s a low-carb, no-sugar diet. But it dosn’t have to be a horrible diet! We LOVE it, and will never go back to eating how we used to. My hubby has type 2 diabetes and he needs only 1/2 the amount of insulin that he used to, before we started this diet. I am doing AWESOME, totally sleeping better, no mood sings, no hot flashes, no night sweats, no shakes, and less fatigue. I’m telling you, it’s WORTH it!! Join me on this journey with the Hypoglycemia Diet! You won’t regret it! <3

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  1. Larry Murphy says:

    Hi Christine, I’m a 60 year old guy that’s had Fibro my entire life. I’m extremely carb intolerant. I have more dysenergy than pain. (been bedridden now for 11 years) I’m a by phone only patient of Dr. Congdon. I can only eat 3 things. Chicken, beef and avocadoes. Being burnt out on this I recently started eating raw spinach, kale and lettuce salads. A lot of them! Well in about 3 days it seriously was blocking my Guaifenisen. I was surprised since Dr. St. Amand says it’s ok to eat foods containing some sals. Maybe I was eating too much, Have you ever heard of anyone being blocked by raw veggies ? Thanks-Larry

    • Christine says:

      Hi Larry!
      Yes, I have totally heard of people blocking on foods. Remember that when Dr St Amand says you can’t block on foods, he’s talking about normal amounts. SO, a salad on the side with a bunch of other non-sal stuff isn’t going to block you. But just plain old spinach in huge quantities will!

      It’s the same idea as juicing. Juicing will block you because you are getting far more veggies and fruits than you would normally consume with a meal. Sals will block you in concentrated amounts. That’s why with vitamins we have to watch for any plant ingredient in mg amounts. It’s concentrated. The whole point of those vitamin ingredients is that it’s more than your digestion can deal with and it goes to your blood stream- to do something ‘healthy’ for your body.

      When you have a big bowl of spinach and all sal-full foods, some of it dosnt totally digest out. Make sense?

      I found with the HG diet and protocol, there are many foods I can eat now that I couldn’t before. Hang in there, things are gonna get better!

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