Caution Item: Inulin and Salicylates

inulinHere’s a new ingredient that may block your Guaifenesin from working to reverse your fibromyalgia symptoms! We had thought it was salicylate safe, but after hearing about some people blocking on it, we did a little digging.

Here’s a quote by a friend in training to be a nurse:

A word of caution about INULIN, chicory root fiber. We’ve had reports from admins of other support groups of others blocking on certain ingredients that are newer to the market and had been assumed safe. Our admins have been researching and I want to update you on one of those ingredients that we’ll be adding to the *use with caution* list. INULIN is often used as a substitute for sugar. While it isn’t absorbed by the body, it is filtered out by the kidneys. Since our kidneys are also responsible for filtering out the phosphates, this could be the source of interference it is causing.This ingredient can be found in no sugar added products, OTC meds and supplements in the US. (I don’t know if it’s used in other countries.) If you have used this in the past, and know you are clearing, you can choose to continue to use it. If you are not being mapped, I would encourage you to avoid it. ~EB

Thanks EB! So, there you have it! Our caution items are ingredients that we have seen block some people. But not everyone. If you are being mapped, the caution ingredients are just something to consider if you aren’t clearing and can’t figure out why. The rest of us not being regularly mapped, need to stay away from these! It is not worth the risk, since it is difficult to tell when you are blocking which makes you re-deposit and clearing which can both feel the same.

Hang in there, this will get easier and less overwhelming, I promise! <3

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  1. shana Mcguire says:

    Gas X and generic for gas has peppermint in it. The info is in inner label

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