Lanolin Oil

Lanolin oilLanolin Oil is a new favorite oil that I came across today and I LOVE it!! Have you seen how awesome it is for your skin?!

I am using it in my body lotions, Face creams and possibly my chapstick, not sure if I want to mess with a good thing! lol 😀 I love my chapstick as it is, but Lanolin oil might make it even nicer if possible! ha!

It comes from the sheeps wool when shorn, there is no awful practice in extracting it, so don’t worry, it literally falls off the wool, making the sheerer have the softest hands around 🙂 It’s a great protective barrier from any weather and will soothe and smooth skin problems. It’s been known to help with Psoriasis and Eczema even!!

“Chemically lanolin is a waxy blend that melts at around 40C. Its waxy nature make it a really good skin moisturizing agent that is capable of penetrating the skins outer layer to nourish it from within. It forms  a non-occlusive barrier (it doesn’t smother the skin)  meaning that the skin can still “breathe” through it – this is important so that the skin can carry out normal biological functions.” See rest of article at: Realize Beauty

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