Low Carb SF Pancakes

pancakes low carb, sugar freeThese are so much like the real thing, you won’t believe all the great stuff and protein in these pancakes!!! 🙂

I am on the Hypoglycemia Diet and it has made such a HUGE difference in how I feel that I’ve tried to stay as close as possible. But every now and then we just like some good old pancakes. Have you seen some of my other attempts? I have tried SOOOO many recipes for low carb and sugar free pancakes. I’ve come to the realization that a little carb is better than going out for pancakes and having TONS of carb and sugar! LOL 😀

I started with those recipes using cottage cheese and then I tried the ones with the almond meal. And then there’s the ones with the Psyllium seed husk. All great ingredients, but not enough on their own. So I decided to try the soy flour. It’s a funny ingredient, because it dosn’t thicken sauces and graveys, until you add a tiny bit of regular flour, then you realize you used WAY too much soy flour and have to add more water, etc. haha!! 😀

SO, that is how this whole pancake recipe got started. I wanted to use as little regular flour as possible, but still have it come out fluffy, not gummy like all the other recipes. But I also wanted it to have that yummy pancake taste mom always had! So, here you have it!

A little bit of all the good stuff in these babies and only 1/2 cup regular flour! Yes! You’re welcome! 😀 Check out my ** below for more info on the flour options.

serves 4 people with healthy appetites lol 🙂 I always make a whole batch for me and my hubby and we have it for breakfast for 2 days, or he takes them in his lunch with sugar free peanut butter and sugar free jam. Hubby LOVES that! 🙂

Mix or whisk in large bowl:

6 eggs

2 cups milk (or about 3/4 c sour cream and 2 cups water- it’s all the dairy I had this time and they were great!

4 Tbsp butter/oil (we prefer butter)

once well mixed, dump on top and mix:

1 cup whey protein powder **(plain, no flavor or sweetener, if yours is sweetened adjust recipe by skipping the sweetener)

1 1/2 cup Soy flour **

2 Tbsp Psyllium seed husk

1/2 cup almond flour

1/2 tsp sea salt

1 1/2 Tbsp xylitol

Once all is mixed till smooth, add in and mix well:

1 1/2 Tbsp Baking Powder (stir into white flour before adding to rest)

1/2 cup regular white flour ** (can probably use whole wheat but I haven’t tried that yet :))

I use butter in my pan to fry these. on med-high. Wait to flip until around the edges the bubbles pop and don’t fill in. But don’t wait till it burns lol 🙂 Adjust your heat accordingly 🙂

Serve with homemade sugar free whipping cream, sugar free syrop or some homemade sugar free Berry Sauce 🙂

These pancakes are SUPER filling fyi, all that protein and fiber will fill you up faster than you realize! 🙂

** for your 3 cups of dry ingredients, you can use a mixture of any of these flours, depending on your diet: For HG lib, use oat flour, gluten flour, soy flour. For after your 2 months of doing the diet perfectly, try out some coconut flour, regular flour(you don’t need much!) and/or whole wheat flour. I personally don’t do well with whey or soy flour, (took me a while to figure those out!) and have tried a mixture of many different flours in our pancakes. For the most part, they work out great and we love them! 🙂

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    thanks for sharing!

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    These sound really good honey. Thanks! mom

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