Mapping, what is it and what does it have to do with Fibromyalgia?

Check out this video for a great explanation of mapping and the Guaifenesin Protocol by Victoria Mauck, an expert from Fibromyalgia Hawaii group. Check out their website here:

Mapping is an excellent tool for helping you to find your clearing dose on the guaifenesin protocol. It is also amazing to be mapped and begin to see why you feel the way you do based on all your lumps and bumps. Mapping is a huge encouragement as you go along in your Guaifenesin Protocol, to see the lumps and bumps get smaller and disappear, it’s so nice to know you are making progress! πŸ™‚

**Please note, if you are new to mapping, or training a new mapper, you will need to useΒ  your symptom journal for an accurate reading for finding your clearing dose. Please don’t rely on an untrained mapper who could totally guide you wrong! <3**

Here’s another encouraging post on mapping by Victoria Mauck for our Facebook Support group: Fibro Buddies on Guaifenesin Protocol.

Here is a list of: Guaifenesin Protocol Friendly Mappers that we know of, please let us know of your experience with mappers both good and bad so we can update this list! πŸ™‚

There is a mapping DVD you can buy from Fibromyalgia Treatment Center as well for $20.

Here’s a post by Victoria Mauck on how to map (Dated May 16 2014):

Victoria Mauck on Mapping:
The trick to mapping is the correct direction and the correct firmness of touch. And the muscles being mapped need to be totally relaxed so you don’t feel a false tightness. You are looking for lumps and bumps and you are also looking for tight muscles that are constantly in contraction even though they should feel relaxed and soft. Sometimes it will feel like the muscle is stringy and dried out, like the strings of a bass viole. If they are on one side, feel to see if they are on the other side. If not, they are suspicious. The lump will kind of like a muscle knot but it has fluid around it so it may feel smoother. It may just feel like a small hill in what should be a straight smooth area. Don’t press to hard or you’ll feel too much, separate muscles that are perfectly normal.

Use the pads of your fingers to sweep top to bottom of the muscle. If you’re right handed, stand on the right side, rest your left hand at the top of the area you are about to feel like you are holding it in place and sweep you right hand’s fingers across the area like you would if you were folding and brushing out wrinkles on clean linens. Always run your fingers from top to bottom on the muscle group, in a downward motion.

The front of the left thigh, the quads, from about 3 inches below the groin fold to about 3 inches above the top of the knee, is the most important area for making sure he is on the correct dose and he isn’t blocking. In adults, I normally find 3 or 4 individual lumps from top to bottom, but it may feel like 1 long raised area to someone who is new to mapping. But kids sometimes haven’t filled that area in so check the neck, shoulders and back (especially around the shoulder blades and the rib cage), and also his arms and legs (especially calves and shin). Remember, if you find an odd lump on one arm or leg check the same area on the other limb. If the are different, it’s probably a fibro lump.

The kids I’ve mapped tend to have lumps in the ribs, around the shoulder blades, and in the calves, the same areas they complain about. If he has another sibling or cousin who doesn’t have symptoms, it’s good to feel them, too, so you can feel the difference. They will be smooth and loose in the areas your son has lumps and tight muscles.

Don’t be disappointed if you find you can’t really feel anything odd. You don’t need to have him mapped to determine if he is progressing. His symptoms, and their disappearance, will tell you things are working. Everything works so much more quickly for kids! He’ll improve dramatically within months or a year, at the most, and the hardest thing for you will be keeping him on the protocol. He’ll feel good and won’t think he needs to be careful anymore. So you’ll need to remind him how he used to feel and let him know he’ll be taking his guai and watching out for sals the rest of his life…like you!

Click here for: FAQ about the Guaifenesin Protocol and salicylates


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7 Responses to Mapping, what is it and what does it have to do with Fibromyalgia?

  1. Charlotte says:

    Hi Christine, I found your site and have read what you have written about fibromyalgia. Thank you for all your information. I have ” sort of” been half ass diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 3-4 years ago, although I knew it’s been with me way longer. I’ve been told I’m healthy based on my blood work and tests. Two years ago I was told I have osteoarthritis. The medical field says I am anxious and have too much stress in my life. The answer from my doctor after years of complaining is I should try yoga. Lol. I have tried EVERYTHING, but refuse to be loaded up on antidepressants and pain killers. I have been exercising and eating a nutritious diet for 5 months. I have lost 18 lbs and gained muscle. I will be 49 this Spring and I am not overweight and consider myself in good shape compared to most my age. I NEED TO GET RID OF THIS PROBLEM !! This pain, fatigue, insomnia, brain fog, and anxiety is ruining my life. I am up all night every night with severe throbbing pain. I have migrating pain from different parts of my body. I NEVER know what my next day will bring. I want one night of sleep!!

    After I read your site Monday, I purchased the book Tuesday and bought all my sal free products today based off of your list. I am planning to order 300 mg guaifenesin, but I am unsure where to buy it. I had purchased mucinex 600 mg er, which I have not used. I went to the Fibro website that sells 300 mg and I didn’t know if they were extended release or not. I am currently trying to find ” Someone” capable of mapping my body. Contacted a massage therapist to see if she can map me.I’m in N.Y.and never heard of anyone who would do this.

    I always feel like complete shit, so I am sprinting to get going with this. Please tell me where to buy guaifenesin 300 mg extended release. (Maybe a website link) I refuse to let this continue to consume my life, my energy and my sanity.

  2. Christine says:

    WOW!! Good for you Charlotte! You totally took control of your health and getting going on this! YAHOO!! πŸ˜€ I am so excited for you! Have you seen my support group on Facebook yet? Here’s the link:

    ok, so the guaifenesin you need is this exact one:
    it saves you money if you buy more than one bottle πŸ™‚

    Did you go through my Getting Started post? You’re doing so well!! Did you buy your products through Andrea Rose then? Or where did you get your salicylate free topical products and dental products?

    Keep in touch! πŸ™‚

    • Charlotte says:

      Hi there! I joined the fb group! Also, I had already read the list of mappers, but none are close to me. I’m not sure what I will do about that.
      I bought all my sal free products by pulling up ingredients for each product from sal free product lists and then running every single individual ingredient through the website that you provided on your site the other day. It worked perfectly and picked up a few sal ingredients that I didn’t pick up on. The way I decided what to buy was by going to and cut and pasting ingredients into search box.
      THANK YOU AGAIN for ALL the information you provide.
      I had also purchased the guaifenesin 300 mg thru the site you mentioned. It should arrive this week.
      I am hopeful and pray that this guaifenesin protocol is the answer and solution for me!! I can list the sal free products I purchased if anyone would like me to. ( The tooth paste was children’s tooth paste. Lol ) I am ending my daily vitamin, herbal intake soon. I am searching for a daily multi.
      Let me know if there is any way I can help others.

      • Christine says:

        oh WOW! I am SO proud of you and all the work you are putting into this, you are gonna do awesome!! πŸ˜€
        Make sure to check the ingredient lists on the products that come to you in the mail, I’ve heard from another member that they sent her the right product but with a different ingredient list than was on the site where she bought it! UGH hey?!

        And YES! This protocol IS the answer for you if you do it as the book says to πŸ™‚ You got this!! Keep at it and one day you are gonna see some good days/weeks/months! πŸ˜€

        For a daily multi, I have Vitamins in my FAQ list, you can check it out there, I have a link to take you to one and some info about multis πŸ™‚

        OH! And definitely look up my post on Toothpaste in the FAQ post too! I have helpful info on those and kids toothpaste isn’t safe unfortunately!

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