Mixed nuts

Well, for starters, get used to buying RAW nuts!!! You can easily roast them, using sea salt if you like. They add more stuff than you really want on your nuts when you buy them roasted and salted. My favorite is usually almonds, for price as well as flavor. Walnuts and Pecans go bad too quickly for me!

If you are watching your weight, count out your nuts, put them in a little bowl or baggie, and that’s all you get for the day. When I fist started my diet, I ate WAY too many nuts, because I had so many cravings!!! Be careful with this! On my diet for Hypoglycemia, they said for weight loss, to have only 12 almonds a day. (or equivalent with other nuts)

When You start on a diet like mine, where you cut out SO many things you are used to eating, you may FEEL like you are hungry, but it is most likely just cravings, not actual hunger. And this is most likely due to the fact that your body has been so used to living on empty, nutrient-less carbs for far too long!

So, to make super yummy crispy roasted nuts, here is what you do: soak your nuts in some water at room temp with about 1 Tbsp sea salt for about 7 hours. Strain and place on cookie sheet and put in oven on 170 for another 7 hours or so. Let cool and store! One of the great reasons to roast slowly is how much nutrients you are saving! With high temperatures, you loose alot of the good in your almonds, etc. Keep your temp low, sit back and enjoy the lovely aroma of roasting almonds!! 🙂

The first time I soaked my almonds, I was a little concerned as some white cloudy stuff started to seep out of my almonds! Not to worry, this is normal and a very good thing. Nuts contain enzyme inhibitors that can wreak havoc on the digestive system, soaking them in salt water ‘activates enzymes that neutralize the enzyme inhibitors’. Taken from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. In other words, soaking in salt water makes them easier on your tummy =)

With all the options for unhealthy, salty, MSG-filled carbohydrate snacks out there, consider giving this a try! I will never go back! My cravings are gone, I feel more satisfied when I eat and my digestive system is thanking me for the sweet relief!

Check out this Blog I found with more info of the same!  http://www.livingcrafts.com/blog/recipes/soaked-almonds

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