Other articles and sites criticizing the Guaifenesin Protocol

Have you seen the OLD study by Dr Robert Bennett online and wondered why anybody would try the Guaifenesin Protocol? Take a look at what Dr St Amand says in explanation of all his criticisms!! Click this link: Dr St Amand rebuttal to Dr Robert Bennet.

And I absolutely MUST mention that there was only 18 people in that study… done 20 yrs ago…

Check out this excellent article explaining some background on Dr Robert Bennet and how it all started. You have to scroll down a couple comments to get to the one that starts like this:

“Here is the UK Guai group’s official reply to Mark London’s ‘theories’ on Guai:

“The origins of Mark London’s article stem from a difference of opinions or clash of personalities on an FMS support group that existed in the years before the official US and UK groups. I’m not sure of the exact nature of this, but I’ve talked to Claudia about it before, as the subject will return every so often. Mark London is, or was, a technician at MIT in Boston and has no medical qualifications. In essence, the article is an exhaustive attempt to find alternative explanations for the recovery of patients on Guaifenesin, by presenting selected ‘evidence’ from the internet and presenting it as a coherent theory. I will agree that it reads quite convincingly, up to a point, but as a writer, I can see that this is more to do with the style of presentation than the content. There are three main faults:”

Read the rest of the article from this website: http://forums.prohealth.com/

Check out some medical papers written by Dr St Amand about the scientific studies and advancements on knowledge of Fibromyalgia: Fibromyalgia Treatment Center Scientific Research Papers.

The thing I wonder is WHY would anyone bother to go through the trouble of using up cyber space to debunk and criticize a medication that has NO side effects? Seriously, what harm can it do??? Even if there’s a SMALL chance it could work, isn’t it worth the effort to give it your best shot? (FYI, there is a HIGH success rate of 95% when done correctly!)

Click for link to rest of: FAQ about the Guaifenesin Protocol

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  1. Debra brandt says:

    Guaifenesin has worked for me for over 18 years. Who’s is 217 months past the placebo period.

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