Peanut butter or guacamole with Celery or apple (HG, SF, GF, LC)

Peanut butter- add your own sweetener

Peanut butter- add your own sweetener

SO, I remember how frustrating it was trying to come up with some good snack ideas on the Hypoglycemia diet, so even though I have no pictures, try this out for an easy, satisfying Hypoglycemia Diet Lib snack!

Get your self a jug of sugar free peanut butter, there are a few to choose from that still have salt in them, and you can add your own sweetener, check out my recipe for that here: Sugar Free Peanut Butter recipe

Always have some celery and/or apples on hand too, and that’s it! My hubby will bring the whole jug of pb and a stalk of celery with him to work for lunch sometimes, not that it’s ALL You need for the day, but if you are in a jam, it’s a good option!

You can try adding some more sweetener to your peanut butter for a sweeter ‘dip’ type snack too!

And Cindy in the comments section suggests making guacamole to go with your celery, another great idea, thank you Cindy 🙂

And you will be surprised how yummy apples and peanut butter are together! give it a try, you just might like it! 🙂

What are some more of YOUR snack ideas?

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2 Responses to Peanut butter or guacamole with Celery or apple (HG, SF, GF, LC)

  1. Cindy Theriault says:

    I used celery for a replacement chip or biscuit. Guacamole was really good with celery and of course peanut butter.

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