Potassium olivate and Potassium castorate

Foaming Face Wash 1Potassium olivate (saponified olive oil), Potassium castorate (saponified castor oil)

Once the oils have been saponified, they have been CHANGED by the lye to a chemical! So it no longer has sals in them. Cool hey? Now, making a BAR soap, leaves trace amounts of the oils behind, which is nice, but not for our purposes! So, when you see in an ingredient list ‘Potassium somethin’, that’s just the oil that has been used up by the lye to make soap, it’s all natural and the BEST kind of soap out there!!

These have been made into a liquid soap, and the process uses up as much as humanly possible of the oils. Even to the point of there being left-over lye. (the simplified explanation lol) One of the tests of how much oils are left is how cloudy the soap is. As you can see, it’s very clear and beautiful! This is why I had my first two ingredients sent to me, the process of making liquid soap is an all day, for 3 days, project and I don’t have that kind of energy or patience! LOL šŸ˜€

So, I order these two ingredients from my supplier, already saponified by the lye and made into a paste, which I melt down in Distilled water, and add the other lovely ingredients you see in my Foaming Face Wash šŸ™‚

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