Progress report on the Guaifenesin protocol from KL 8 months in

progress-report-kl-1 progress-report-kl2Fibromyalgia progress in reversing the symptoms on the Guaifenesin Protocol. 8 months in! YAY! Thank you so much KL for bravely sharing your story with us! <3

Finally…my first few good days! I’m in heaven. After 8 years of pains getting worse with each passing month, and now 5-1/2 months on my clearing dose of 4800 LA/ 2400 FA a day (where my all-over pains just seemed to stay on SAME worsening trajectory), I FINALLY have had a great break for 3 straight days. Never even had any good hours before this. But for last 3 days I’ve had 50% less pain; it feels like I’ve been taking Tramadol constantly — but not a one!

All of 2016 and up to two weeks ago my backside was so painful that I couldn’t sit on a chair without a gel pad and electric heating pad under me at all times, and my face (see picture) was horribly rash-ridden and painful with ulcerous clearing breakouts which had been present since the minute I finally got on my “right dose” of Guaifenesin in early Aug. of this year. I’ve managed to walk once in a while… but it has been so painful that I’ve always done it super late in the day because then I only had to bear the extra foot and back burning pain “aftermath” for a couple hours until bed.

But in the last week those awful face rashes/ pain finally cleared up, and 2 days ago I could walk comfortably enough to ENJOY shopping for clothes for the first time in 3 years. Today I went to a meeting (without that gel pad and heating pad!) with my first large new client for my new business…and had so much fun….I totally forgot I was sick at all!!! Then I came home and walked (skipped?) for a half hour in the freezing New England cold, and wasn’t limping or aching much at all – felt this crazy happy spring in my step despite the chill (my new snowpants helped!)

Although I have not been able to discern ups and downs so far at all on Guaifenesin (only gradual incessant downs!) I know it’s very possible this first little “respite” will end …and I still have a LOOOOONG way to go to turn back more of the pain. BUT I now have real evidence (beyond my cleared left thigh at my Sept 30 mapping with Dr. Congdon!) that Guaifenesin is working for me… and will fully return my life to me.

I’m feeling so blessed, and so thankful to all of you for sustaining my hope with your stories and encouragement since April, when I first put myself on Guaifenesin and became a Fibro Buddy. It’s been a long haul (nothing like taking 3-1/2 months to even find my sky high clearing dose!)….but so worth it.

So this NEW smile today is for all of you, in gratitude!!!!! Pictures ARE worth 1000 words, aren’t they?! What a difference 5 months on Guaifenesin can make (left photo was just October). Conclusion? Guaifenesin DOES work!!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us KL! You look beautiful 🙂 Love you girl and super excited to see what the future holds for you! <3

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