3 year progress report on the Guaifenesin Protocol from Genesee!

Progress Report from GeneseeMy dear friend and an awesome admin on my Facebook group “Fibro Buddies on Guaifenesin Protocol” shared this fabulous update and I just had to share it with you! I hope it encourages your heart and challenges you to stay the course on the Guaifenesin Protocol to treat your Fibromyalgia! <3

“Today marks 3 years since I found the guaifenesin protocol to treat my fibromyalgia!

I’m so thankful. Was tearing up talking with my hubby last night about how much my life has returned since starting the protocol. We reminisced on some not so good memories & fondly spoke of God’s grace to me & our family.

Life really has come back & it only keeps getting better & better! It’s really hard for me to look back & think of everything I was hardly able to do & what I missed out on…”

“even more than the suffering I experienced, it’s harder to think about the years that I was just “kinda” there (and I know you all know what I mean). The list is long on how it negatively affected me.

But! The list is longer of all the GOOD that had returned & blossomed in my life since, not to mention my family. I have 3 children & an amazing husband. We do normal life like any other family & fibromyalgia has finally come to the point where I actually completely forget about it for days on end (other than just popping my guai!). I’ve been blessed with being an admin here (Fibro Buddies on Guaifenesin Protocol Facebook group) for almost two years, I have been able to connect with many local fibro ladies & have reached out to endless amounts of sufferers that haven’t heard about the protocol.

I’m so stoked! Dr. St. Amand literally saved my life, guys. It’s a big day for me today as struggling with that was so terrrrrrible & now life is all good & all back 100% and then some!

Even the not-so-awesome parts still shine after what we as a family overcame because of my fibromyalgia diagnosis years ago. ❣ It took one hard year of battling when I started the protocol to undo damage & then the last two years have been incredible!

His amazing grace has blessed me & my beloved family! So. Sorry, no I am not in that yucky state anymore, I’m really good! Thank you for being loving, friends! AND…so much love to my fibromyalgia community!!! 💜🙏🏼” Genesee Atkins

THANK YOU Genesee!! You are such a beautiful person and blessing to so many around the world!

She is blessed with a kind and caring hubby, who wanted to share his response to her journey through this, check it out:

 What an amazing and determined woman you are! Words can’t describe how proud I am of you for making it to this point!

I watched you go through hell for a long time and see doctor after doctor that kept prescribing one medication after another to the point you made a 3″ x 5″ card listing all the different doses of the meds you took on a daily basis so I would know what you had in your system in case of an emergency.

You laid in bed for months in pain but would not settle for what the doctors told you. Your determination found this protocol. This was just the first step of you starting the guaifenesin. You went all in with every product you were told to start using then you suffered through months of clearing with people saying it was all in your head and little to no outside support.

During this time of clearing you weened yourself off of all the prescription meds with no help from the doctors! With all of this on your plate you still found a way to be the best mom and wife you were capable of at that time.

At last you started feeling better to start functioning again. That alone makes you the most amazing person I have been around but then you made it a goal to help as many other people as possible so they could hopefully not get as bad as you were or find hope from the pain even when people still gave you negative feed back.

So from one man who is so lucky to say your my wife I am so proud of the person you are inside and out. I love you and happy anniversary! You are a perfect example of determination, kindness and a warrior in every way ❤️❌⭕️ Roy Atkins

Check out some more updates/progress reports of folks on the Guaifenesin Protocol, including yours truly 🙂 I will continue to post updates and progress reports from friends around the world that I have met on this journey to wellness, subscribe so you don’t miss any! <3









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