Razors and Salicylates

MOST razors have an aloe strip and even razors that tout having a Vit E strip will often have aloe in it too, (aloe is a salicylate and will block your Guaifenesin) and it’s just not listed in the ingredients on the package. If you think you might have found ones with a strip with no aloe, and the ingredients aren’t listed, PLEASE call the company and ask to hear the complete list of ingredients. It’s NOT worth blocking progress!!

Make sure to buy the disposable whole razors, not the ones with the disposable heads that click onto the handle. Apparently the disposable heads ones can have sals infused into the plastic, much like the Venus Embrace does.

You need to use tweezers and pull the aloe strip off as it is full of Salicylates and will block your Guaifenesin, and rinse the tweezers and razor with water. I have heard it can help to soak the razor in some water first before trying to pull the strip off with tweezers.

WATCH OUT for Venus Embrace! what I have heard is this, “the entire razor head is infused with a moisturizer! When it gets wet, it dissolves.” So just pulling off the aloe strip isn’t enough.

You can find some razors at your local dollar store that have no aloe strip, but I could only find single blade ones like that and they don’t do much for me šŸ˜€veet-rechargeable-epilator-493-p Here’s a link to some salicylate safe razors right now, as always please double check the ingredients before buying: http://www.fibrofreerecoverygroup.com/salicylate-free-product-list/#razors

A fun thing I started to use is a Veet mechanical hair puller-outer thing. šŸ˜› it HURTS the first time, but then after that it dosn’t. Rechargeable, so you don’t even have to buy batteries for it šŸ™‚ Works wonderful, it’s similar to waxing only MUCH cheaper! šŸ™‚

$ saving Tip: Use Hair conditioner instead of shaving cream! I always have some of this on hand from when I tried a new conditioner that just wasn’t good enough for my hair šŸ™‚

Click this link to see the list of:Ā  FAQ about Salicylates etc šŸ™‚

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4 Responses to Razors and Salicylates

  1. Jennifer Van Oflen says:

    With this Veet (torturer ;), can it be used for the bikini area as well? If so, have you tried it? Also, if you did/have tried it that way, did you find ingrown hairs or rash? I’m sensitive to everything! Thanks for any suggestions and for all that you share and do for us fibro folks. šŸ™‚

    • Christine says:

      HAHA!! It totally IS the torturer! I was just thinking that this morning as I was Veeting šŸ˜€
      Yes I Do use it on the bikini line šŸ™‚ But I started with plucking first, then moved to the Veet. It REALLY hurts the first pluck/Veet esp in that area! Be careful though, and use Emu oil on it, it helps to keep your skin from getting inflamed! When I first started I did get rashes, and learned very quickly to use the Emu oil EVERY DAY!
      And it’s my pleasure!

      • Jennifer Van Oflen says:

        Thank you for the excellent reply! Emu oil is beginning to be added to the list w/duct tape and WD-40 around my household. Side note~ I got a very early depilatory product in the late 80’s for Christmas, only thing I asked for that year. Believe me when I say I cried the first time and it was returned. lol No pain tolerance then, now I have tons.

        • Christine says:

          haha! yep, I couldn’t do it for a while too. I tried it once and so many tears were coming out of my eyes so I decided to just shave instead šŸ˜€ Now, I use it all the time, and no problems. So pain tolerance is totally a big part of it!

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