Snacks Recipes

Almond Cookies (HG, GF, SF, Low Carb)

Almond Cookies (HG, GF, SF, Low Carb)

These snacks are all Hypoglycemia Diet (HG) safe, Gluten free, sugar free, and low carb. Intended as a help for those of us on these diets. Please let me know of other great snack ideas you have, I’m always looking for some new ones! šŸ™‚

Almond Carrot Muffins (HG lib, GF, SF, Low Carb)

Almond Cookies (HG Lib)

Almond Shortbread (HG lib)

Baked Carrot Oatmeal (HG lib, GF, SF, LC)

Beef Jerky (HG Strict, GF,SF, LC)

Bread- Oopsie (HG Strict)

Cheese Crisps (HG Strict)

Cream Cheese Muffins (HG Strict)

Mixed Nuts (HG strict and lib)

Peanut butter dip with apples and Celery (HG lib)

Protein Shakes/Smoothies- Iced Capp, Strawberry shake, Rum and Butter, Egg Nog, etc

Steamer Homemade, SF, GF HG lib

Sugar free Peanut Butter (lib)






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