Rinse Aid Alternative (for dishwashers)

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Ever wonder how Rinse Aid works on your dishes? Well, I gotta tell you, you won’t like it!!

Like many of you, my dishwasher left spots on my dishes! UGH! Why have a dishwasher if you have to first rinse off your dishes and then hand dry them so there are no spots???

We even got a new dishwasher thinking this would solve all our problems… WRONG!! So, the dishwasher repair man came over to ‘fix’ our new machine. UGH AGAIN!

Anyways, he was in a talkative mood! Yay for me! Here is what I learned: Apparently Rinse Aid LEAVES something on your dishes to keep the water from sticking to your dishes and leaving a mark when it dries. HUH?!?! Now, all this time, I thought some magical thing was happening in there, where my dishes were coming out of the dishwasher CLEAN and SPARKLING from all this washing and rinsing off!

I am SO not into adding some other chemical to my dishes, which inevitably ends up in my mouth and in my body… YIKES!

The solution he tells me? You guessed it! VINEGAR! YAY!!! Safe for me and safe for the environment and not too bad on the bank roll either!

So, here is what I have started to do that works for us: I put vinegar in the rinse Aid compartment in my dishwasher and run a full cycle of dishes. AFTER it’s done I take out my whisks, which seem to rust from the vinegar, and put the whole thing through a rinse cycle with just a little vinegar. Probably about 2 Tbsp. Then I open the dishwasher door to let dry till the next time I do dishes. I usually do dishes in the evening, so it works in my home. This works especially well for those of us with hard water stains on our dishes! UPDATE 2016:Ā Just dump a couple Tbps plain, cheap, white vinegar in your dishwasher before starting it, same time as you put the dish soap and lemi shine in there šŸ™‚ easy peasy!

A free tip about dishwasher detergent: apparently, we also use far too much detergent that gums up our machines and keeps them from filtering the crumbs that are whooshing around in there. Try using LESS!

UPDATE on this, 2013:

So, in the past year since we got some new dish detergent, I have STRUGGLED with getting my dishes clean! They tell me there’s something they’ve taken out of dishwasher soap that makes it clean less effectively. I have used and tried SO many homemade dishsoaps and store bought dishsoaps and NONE of them did the job!

UGH! Then a friend told me to get this LemiShine stuff, and she said it totally gets her dishes perfectly clean and sparkling! Come to find out, SHE’S RIGHT!! This stuff is amazing! I am considering doing some research into the ingredients to possibly make my own LemiShine, I will let you know how it goes!

OK, one week later, after some investigation, LemiShine looks like it’s some kind of Citric Acid. If you are into chemistry, DEFINITELY check out this website: http://www.chemistry-blog.com/2012/05/18/whats-in-lemi-shine/ They’ve done all the work for us, and you can see all the tests, etc to figure it out! ha! It’s all Martian to me, but one thing I DID note is that it’s HARMLESS and totally ok to get all over your dishes and it’s water soluble, so rinses off! YAYYYYYY!

I have tried Citric Acid, and it just dosn’t work like LemiShine. So, it’s not simply Citric Acid. But it WORKS so amazingly well, it’s my new staple with dishwashing. We have CRAZY hard water here, and the cloudiness was completely ridiculous on all my dishes! LemiShine saves the day! And I have tried several different dish soaps with the LemiShine and without, LemiShine is TOTALLY what’s making the difference! Whew! THAT was a long, drawn out process of finding some dishsoap!

Once I’ve gotten over the months of disappointing cloudy dishes, I will try LemiShine with some homemade dish soap again, but for now, I am just breathing a huge sigh of relief to have found something that WORKS!!! šŸ˜€

I am however, still using Vinegar with each load!! šŸ™‚

Update on this April 2013. I HAVE found a Homemade Dishwasher Soap that WORKS and I love it! check it out!


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9 Responses to Rinse Aid Alternative (for dishwashers)

  1. Eco Friendly says:

    Like your post. I'm also using Dishwasher Rinse Aid. It is a highly effective rinse and drying agent for use in all machine dishwashers, both commercial and domestic.Thank you for sharing!!!!

  2. Christine Mann says:

    Thanks Eco Friendly! Let me know what you think when you try the vinegar!! I will never go back to using the Rinse Aid! šŸ˜€

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    • Christine says:

      hello Graig šŸ™‚ Thank you for your complement! I really enjoy Blogging šŸ™‚ And good luck with all your blogs that you read! Definitely ask questions when you don’t understand, I love to dialogue with my readers, and I am sure most Bloggers do too!

  4. Paleo Diet says:

    Great! Been searching for exactly this , thanks for posting, hypoglycemia diet.

  5. Terri says:

    I’m curious about the vinegar for the rinse aid. It sounds like you fill the rinse aid compartment with vinegar before you start a complete wash, then when it’s done, you add two more tablespoons to the rinse aid compartment and run it through a rinse cycle. You do this process every time? It seems like a lot of work. Also, can y use apple cider vinegar? I just bought two 32 oz. bottles and now I learned through your site that I won’t be splashing it on my salads anymore. šŸ˜”

    • Christine says:

      Hi Terri! Thank you for your comment! I only put a couple Tbsp plain white vinegar in the bottom of the machine before I start it. That’s it! šŸ™‚ Apple cider vinegar is much more expensive than white vinegar, so I havent tried it in the dishwasher, not sure how it would work! You CAN have ACV in your salads! You just can’t drink it plain or in water on an empty stomach, that sort of thing. In normal food amounts- in salad, is totally fine <3

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