Seasonal Affective Disorder and tanning

I start to hit the tanning beds about this time of year! I know I know, you have to be so careful with skin cancer. But from my readings, skin cancer is only a problem when you BURN, and I don’t burn after only 6 minutes in a tanning bed 😛 I have Seasonal Affective Disorder. And no, that doesn’t mean I just have the blues because of lack of sun, it means I get really depressed and struggle to think clearly.

Tim suggested I get a tan on Friday (poor guy was putting up with my crazies) and I came home so happy and bubbly again! So, yesterday he says to me, “I think you should go get a tan every single day, for at least a month, until you get feeling better.” He’s so funny how matter of fact he is 😀 I guess Friday I was good after the tan, and Saturday was ok, then Sunday was pretty bad.

Often times I don’t even notice when I am getting the crazies like that until Tim mentions something. Usually, I sit there all moody, apologizing to him over and over and wondering out loud why I am feeling that way and it’s not his fault. (he usually apologizes too and says he probably made ‘it’ worse) What a sweetie, eh? That’s usually when it hits me that it’s not normal, and something is off.

So, I was scouring the internet looking for a picture of a tanning bed that didn’t look so BAD, and this one, where the lights are off was the best I could find. Should tell you something. Hmmm.

Let me tell you why I put myself through the possible risks associated with tanning beds. For starters, S.A.D. makes you CRAZY and depressed. I find my energy level drops severely and my husband suffers. When I tan, it’s like someone turned a light on in my brain, and thawed out my bones which began to feel frozen from the inside. It’s the one time of the day when I don’t feel freezing cold and wish I could just live in the bath tub of hot water.And it lasts for at least 24 hours!

So is using a tanning bed worth it? Honestly, right now it is, but in the long run? I don’t know! Thankfully, I don’t live so far North that it’s like this year around, or I really WOULD worry about tanning every single day. What do you think about Tanning beds and tanning in general? do you suffer with SAD?

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7 Responses to Seasonal Affective Disorder and tanning

  1. Sarah Amalia says:

    Good for you Christine! I think in moderation you make the best choices you can for your health and sanity. The great news is that these bodies will not last forever (or even much past the next 50 years!), BUT they are not the final ones we are ending up with!!! 😀

  2. Jennifer says:

    Yes I do suffer from S.A.D as well as Fibromyalgia and I suffer every day but I also lived through skin cancer when I was 24 known specifically as malignant melanoma, I lost ten centimeters of my leg to the muscle and I was pregnant to boot…I do not go out in the sun and I definitely don’t tan..those few minutes of warm you are feeling are like being in a microwave…you are being cooked from the inside out…do some real research on tanning beds…not research supplied by them . What you are feeling is a lack of vitamin D when the sun is not providing it usually from Nov. until April depending on where you live the sun is too low. You can take vitamin D to help with that and you can also buy lights with a specific spectrum light that will not harm you at all and sit by it and read or do whatever. Those alternatives are something you can do every day to help yourself in a healthy way and not put you life at risk. Think of how you would feel if you got melanoma on your face? If you lived. Please take a healthier way.

    • Christine says:

      thank you Jennifer for your concern, you sweetie! <3
      I do all of those things too 🙂 I do take alot of the Vit D AND have a sun lamp, have been doing those things for years now and they never helped as much as the tanning has 🙂 For me, it IS worth the risk, which I HAVE read about from sites that are not trying to sell tanning beds 🙂

      I'm so sorry to hear you went through such a horrible ordeal with the skin cancer, how awful! 🙁 I'm glad to hear you are ok now!

      Thanks for your comment!

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