Seeds and Salicylates

FAQOK, so just to remind you, we need to keep everything to NORMAL food amounts to not block with Salicylates on the Guaifenesin Protocol for Fibromyalgia.

So, seed oil (like Flax seed oil) is NOT ok in a pill form ie. in mg amounts. You would not normally eat that much seed! You can, however, drizzle it on your salad or add to other foods. Click for more info: on Vitamins.

Please note that we know of people who have blocked from eating too many seeds, so be careful please! Dr St Amand has told some patients that a SPRINKLE is all that is permitted. And Chia seeds I would totally stay away from, because of the quercetin and would be more likely to block. So seeds sprinkled on a salad, or less than 1 tsp in your smoothie, that is ok! Or the seed oils used in cooking or salad dressing is also a normal food amount, so go ahead!

Another note of caution: careful with taking seeds too close to guai as they swell and may keep the guai from absorbing. This is the same caution we make with all roughage type things like psyllium seed husk.  Give yourself a couple hours before and after taking your guaifenesin.

As always, if you are taking these foods in an effort to treat some ailment, the goal is to overwhelm your system with enough of it that it will make a difference. That is too much! Do you struggle with constipation? Try the Hypoglycemia Diet and use some magnesium supplement. Trust me, your body will tell you when you’ve had too much magnesium LOL 😀

If you are on the Carb Intolerant/ Hypoglycemia Diet, please note that sunflower seeds are only allowable in the amount of one small handful a day.

easy peasy 🙂

For more info on this, check out my post on Normal Food Amounts.

Click this link to see the list of:  FAQ about Salicylates etc 🙂

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2 Responses to Seeds and Salicylates

  1. Vonnie says:

    I am going to assume that physillium husks are not allowed. Is this correct? I have found in the past that physillium helps to regulate bowel movements whether you have diarrhea or constipation. I need something like that now for some reason.

    • Christine says:

      Hi Vonnie! Psyllium husks are allowed! They don’t get absorbed or anything, so it won’t block your guai. It just is like eating gravel that you poop out lol!! 😀

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