Shower floor, Tub and Salicylates

Of course, the way that will stress you out the LEAST about sals getting on you is to switch all your shower items for everyone in the family to sal free! But I know many people are attached to their products πŸ™‚

No need for flip flops in the shower when other family members/ roommates products (shampoo/conditioner/body wash, etc.) are not sal-free.

That risk is pretty minimal. Simply running the shower to warm up the water is long enough to rinse out anything that MIGHT get on your feet. But do run the water before jumping in to be sure.

Same goes with taking a bath! If your tub is particularly soap-scummy, you may need to give an extra rinse so you aren’t soaking in sals, but otherwise, and quick rinse is all you need πŸ™‚

And watch out for minty gum/ toothpaste/ mouthwash when french kissing etc πŸ˜€

Click this link to see the list of:Β  FAQ about Salicylates etc πŸ™‚

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