Smoking Cigarettes and/or Weed/pot and Salicylates

FAQ: Can I smoke and not block the Guaifenesin?

Quote from Dr St Amand,

“There’s a strong possibility that smoking could make guaifenesin partially or totally ineffective. It might merely depend on the crop’s potency, but we tell patients to be as pure as possible and avoid any substance they can’t safely validate, and this includes smoking. Obviously, smokeless tobacco doesn’t burn or destroy its salicylate content.”

Weed/pot would be a easier blocker as there is no filter and you often would handle it.

Here’s a couple quotes from Dr Congdon about Marijuana (July 16 2014):

“Dr. St. Amand and I discussed marijuana a couple of years ago. He told me that it theoretically could block guaifenesin as marijuana is an herbal product. And he said theoretically a person would have less chance of blocking if they ate the drug (you know as a cookie or brownie) as opposed to smoking it or using it as a tincture due to the liver’s ability to process salicylates after a food is eaten. So this is exactly what I tell my patients.I also tell them that I have never seen one of my patients block using marijuana (even if they smoke it or use it as a tincture), but remind them that every time they use an herbal extract they are at risk for blocking. Obviously with any possible blocker keeping use as low as possible is the goal. I have the advantage of mapping my patients frequently to tell if they are blocking. For those who cannot be mapped often I recommend they be even more careful with possible blockers.”

Please take note of what she said at the end there, cautioning everyone who isn’t being mapped esp! ~Christine

“Obviously with any possible blocker keeping use as low as possible is the goal. I have the advantage of mapping my patients frequently to tell if they are blocking. For those who cannot be mapped often I recommend they be even more careful with possible blockers.” ~Dr Melissa Congdon

I just got an additional quote from Dr Melissa Congdon MD Fibromyalgia Medicine for Children and Adults (July 20 2014)

“When handling any plant (such as marijuana) the oils from the plant may block you, so to avoid the oils you can have someone else handle the plant, use gloves, use tweezers, etc. I do not advocate the use of marijuana or any other drug (except guaifenesin!).The decision to use any drug or medication is one that all patients need to discuss with their primary care physicians or other physicians that help them with pain management. This information about blocking is applicable to handling any plant product.”

Best, Melissa Congdon, MD, FAAP
Fibromyalgia Medicine for Children & Adults

500 Tamal Plaza, Suite 507
Corte Madera, CA 94925
PH: (415) 927-0600
FAX: (415) 381-8892″

FYI: Apparently there have been studies done that say that smokers have more pain and circulatory issues than others, so that is something to consider if you have big pain you have to deal with!

See whole list of FAQ about the Guaifenesin Protocol and Salicylates


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I'm a bit of a health nut and not ashamed of it! God, family and Missions are huge passions and driving forces in my life. I have had fibromyalgia for most of my life and am in the process of a treatment that is gonna give me my life back! Join me in my journey to wellness, make some new friends and maybe encourage someone else along the way!
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12 Responses to Smoking Cigarettes and/or Weed/pot and Salicylates

  1. Jane Haver says:

    Well now I am confused. I smoke. So do I proceed??? Hoping that it will help or stop?

    • Christine says:

      oh Jane! Gosh, I keep missing people’s comments on my site! THey are being sent to my spam folder for some reason 😛 I will have to look into that.

      Anyways, Did you decide to keep going? How are you doing? My suggestion would be to stop smoking if at all possible. Fibromyalgia is so debilitating, to me smoking is not worth keeping you from getting better! <3 Hugs!

  2. John says:

    Is there a definite answer as to whether Cannabis blocks if smoked,vaped or taken sublingual?

    • Christine says:

      Hi John!
      Well, Cannabis is a plant! So if it is in mg amounts, it likely would block your progress on the Guaifenesin Protocol.

      Smoked and vaped is getting it into your lungs, the reason you do this is so the cannabis will make a difference in your health. That is too concentrated. It will block your Guaifenesin from working to get you well.

      Sublingual is the same as putting it on your skin topically. It gets absorbed into your blood stream faster than if you just swallowed it and your digestion did it’s job in digesting out the salicylates that will block your guai. When you swallow a pill that has concentrated plant ingredients, the sals by-pass digestion because there is too much for your system to deal with and it ends up in your blood stream, and blocks your guai.

      This is why we have to be so careful with anything we put on our skin or use sublingually. It goes to the blood stream and blocks guai rather quickly. So, no plant ingredients topically at all, like coconut oil.

      BUT, if you have coconut oil in your salad, that dosn’t block because it’s not concentrated. BUT if you have coconut oil pills that are concentrated and not just normal coconut oil, that is too concentrated and will block your guai. Does that make sense?

      I know there is alot to learn when you are starting out, hang in there, it gets easier! Have you read the book by Dr St Amand that explains this all? Called “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia”. It’s an EXCELLENT book!

      • John says:

        Thanks I am a patient of Dr.St. Amands and have been on protocol for 5 years and have gone from bed to 75-80% I had a Dr. Suggest to try medical cannabis and CBD oil . well it works when you do it then hits you like a freight train when it wears off. So its doing something to me only thing I could think of is blocking . haven’t been doing this for a long time but def messes with me.
        There isn’t anything I could find regarding this from the Dr. Or even Marina del Rey pharmacy.
        Definitely information that should be passed along to anyone using the protocol.
        The pharmacist at Marina del Rey was going to talk to Dr.St Amand in regards to medical cannabis blocking because he did not know.
        Thanks again

        • Christine says:

          Keep in touch and let me know what they all say! I am curious to know if it;s just a chemical taken from the plant or the whole plant, including the salicylates. Often they will call something natural just because more people will like it and buy it, but it sometimes is just a chemical taken from said plant. You know?

          and oh my goodness, if you went from bed-ridden to better, I would stay as far away as possible from those things! ALL it will do is make you worse, you will start to re-deposit and your symptoms will come back!! The fright train hitting you is probably just that- redepositing again! UGH!

          What are you taking it for?

          • John says:

            I was told it would would help on those days when I over do it I.e. working on my antique cars ect. I am a low doser I cleared taking 75 mg twice a day very high metabolism. Was a professional athlete a long time ago.
            Just confusing with the info out there regarding medical marijuana and CBD oil which is made from squeezed hemp.
            Supposed to help with a variety of issues pain,anxiety ect. As for medical cannabis they use the flower part of herb which is the most potent part and the CBD oil is a concentrated form.

        • Christine says:

          ok, so from your explanation of them, it sure sounds like a blocker to me! It will keep you from getting well on the Guaifenesin Protocol! Totally not worth the risk!

          There IS alot of info out there saying that it will make you feel better, some kind of herb or plant or new fruit from some place only the Monks on some mountain can get to lol! Hang in there!

          Who is your mapper? Dr St Amand suggest 75mg twice a day? I’ve never heard of that! Maybe an increase in your dose is what will get you past this? 5 years is a long time! You can probably tolerate a slight increase 🙂 But definitely talk to Dr St Amand about it if you are thinking you aren’t getting better anymore. 🙂

          • John says:

            Dr St. Amand mapped me and adjusted me to 75 mg a day . I have stopped the medical Cannabis and do not hurt like I was hit by a train. Only tried for a very short time.
            Therefore can only say it will block as I am proof feeling and sleeping better now
            Learned a valuable lesson

        • Christine says:

          great to hear you are taking it seriously! You are going to do wonderfully on the protocol. I love to hear these positive stories too! Always such an encouragement 🙂 Take care!

  3. Kim says:

    Hi. I began the guaifenesin protocol 10 weeks ago and also use medical marijuana for years, daily, for Complex PTSD. I have tried both vaping and combustion to see if it affects my blocking, but so far, the protocol seems to work well, even at a low dose (300LAx2)- despite my cannabis inhalation. I do not handle it, however, and use tweezers.
    As my pain lessens on the Guai protocol, my urge to use my Medical Marijuana for pain is also finally lessening. Glad I can continue to use both and still improve.

    • Christine says:

      Thanks for sharing Kim! Yep, I know everyone seems to have a different ‘tolerance’ to salicylates. So glad it’s working for you and you are making progress! YAY for the day you won’t need it anymore hey?! 🙂 Are you being mapped?

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